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Combine hair removal treatments from 20+ options, including face, body and intimate waxing for men and women, plus facial threading and tweezing. Your practitioner will bring everything needed to treat you hygienically at home, including a table for you to lie on.

Hair removal tailored to you

The days of schlepping to the salon for a wax are over. With Urban, you can book London’s best wax experts straight to your door. No travel time, no stress, and no chances of bumping into that long-lost friend with the flush of a freshly waxed chin.

We’ve made it so you can easily combine treatments using our basketing feature. So, whether you’re after all-over holiday prep or you just want smooth, aerodynamic legs for an upcoming sporting event, you can book it all.

We meet every Urban wax expert in person first to make sure they have the qualifications and strict hygiene practices to treat you. We also check they’re using the most up-to-date techniques and premium products by having a treatment ourselves. It’s simple – if we love it, we’re confident you will too.