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Get the mistle-glow: best beauty gifts for Christmas

Published 08 Nov 2023

Collage featuring the best beauty gifts for 2023

From beauty products going viral on Tiktok to the never-ending skincare hacks you can’t help but try, buying presents for a beauty lover might seem like a walk in the park. But sometimes too much choice can be a tad bit daunting. To help, this gift guide runs through some of the top beauty brands that’ll leave your beauty-obsessed loved one beaming from ear to ear on Christmas day.

Whether it’s simple skincare, tailored haircare or unique at-home beauty treatments, you can unwrap the magic of beauty and choose products they’ll love (and actually use) this festive season.

Hyaluronic acid serum by the Inkey list

For the skincare minimalist

Face serum, from £7.99

If you've found yourself delaying bedtime to apply layer upon layer of products, you may have fallen victim to the complex skincare trend. But did you know a simple routine is promoted by many dermatologists?

If you know someone who has a less-is-more approach to life, especially when it comes to their skin, they'll love the Inkey List. The brand is known for simplifying complex beauty routines with formulations made up of just a few ingredients.

Not sure what to buy? A go-to product for a dewy skincare routine is The Inkey List hyaluronic acid serum, a hydrating marvel that retains the skin's moisture and improves its overall texture.

The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Serum, from £7.99

Estrid subscription

For silky skin on subscription

Razor subscription from £7.95

Estrid offers a range of skincare and grooming essentials designed for all genders. Their beautifully crafted razors are sustainable, high quality and, admittedly, pretty to look at. It’s the perfect choice for the unorganised friend, the one who never has time to pick up milk let alone razor blades.

The Estrid razor starter kit is the best gift to start with as it includes all the essentials – a sleek metal razor handle, two five-blade cartridges and a shower holder. It's a gift that combines style with practicality, giving a silky smooth finish every time (you know, the ‘feel my legs!’ type shave).

The Estrid razor starter kit, from £7.95 with a subscription, or £9.95 one-time purchase

Plus, get a free case when you make an order before 31st December - use code URBANCASE

Face gym gift box

For an intense facial workout

Face Gym gift voucher, from £90

FaceGym has revolutionised skincare with its unique approach, combining fitness and beauty. Although they offer skincare products and tools, they’re most known for their in-person ‘facial workouts’, from the intensely hydrating Cryo Contour, to the ultimate skin tightening Radio Frequency. 

While these are on the pricier side, they’re a great gift for loved ones that like to indulge their skin from time to time and prefers a more intense treatment than normal.

FaceGym facial workouts start at £90

Glowing after at-home facial

For the busy beauty lover

At-home treatments, from £14

From manicures to facials, lash lifts to brow lamination, everyone has their favourite way to get pampered. But imagine getting your favourite treatment without having to leave the house. With Urban, you can gift a beauty treatment straight to your loved ones' door. 

Simply purchase a gift card, select a treatment or an amount, and choose to send a physical or digital card. They’ll be able to select their preferred therapist, time and place.

It’s the go-to for on-demand beauty and wellness. Picture it as a spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home.

Urban at-home beauty treatments, from £14

Isle of Paradise fake tan drops

For the fake tanner

Self-tanning drops, £14

Got a friend or family member that loves having a sunkissed glow, no matter the season? The Isle of Paradise self-tanning drops are a top pick for a natural-looking tan all year long and can be customised to suit any skin tone. Simply pick between light, medium or dark to give the gift of a radiant glow, even in the darkness of winter. 

Isle of Paradise self-tanning drops from £21.95

Glaze haircare

For the hair care pro

Hair treatment, from £20

You’re likely to have spotted Glaze Hair all over your socials with its range of best-selling hair care products. The conditioning gloss promises to match your hair colour perfectly, making it the ideal gift for a friend who’s always switching up their shade. 

From serums to repair treatments, these products are designed to nourish and repair damaged hair, leaving it silky and smooth. The formula works wonders on split ends and helps tame frizz, making it suitable for all hair types.

If you’re not sure what to choose, the GlaziPlex super bond repair treatment is their latest product with glowing reviews. It’s a 4-in-1 repair mask that helps repair damage from heat, colour, chemical treatments and styling, helping bring back strong, shiny hair in just a couple of uses.

Glaze Hair GlaziPlex super bond repair treatment, from £20

For a flawless finish

Face powder, from £36.50

Makeup products are an easy win if you have a beauty lover on your Christmas list, and Laura Mercier is a brand you can’t go wrong with.

One of their most popular products is the loose setting powder. Think about someone in your circle who always has a radiant, airbrushed finish to their makeup look. It’s likely down to their choice of setting powder. 

If you’re not sure of their shade, the translucent option is a lot less risky and gives an effortless finish to any makeup routine. But they also have a range of other shades to best suit your loved ones skin tone.

For makeup pros, a setting powder is a step they’ll never fail to miss, so they’ll love to stay stocked up.

Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder, from £36.50

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