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The best Christmas relaxation gifts

Published 8 Nov 2023

Collage of relaxation gifts

If there’s one thing we could always have more of, it’s relaxation – especially when living in a busy city like London. That’s why gifts that promote it (or even gently force it) will always be welcome.

Help someone on your Christmas list make a habit of taking time out, we’ve done the hard work for you and chosen our favourite relaxation gifts to make life easier. 

From stocking-fillers you could safely give anyone (think work secret santa), to more substantial gifts they probably wouldn’t treat themselves to, Christmas gift shopping will be a breeze.

Relaxing sleep mist from spritz wellness

For a dreamy night’s sleep

Pillow mist, from £14

A pillow mist is one of those everyday luxuries you might not justify buying for yourself, which makes it the perfect stocking filler gift. A couple of sprays just before bed is all you need to signal to your brain it’s time for rest.

We love this one from London brand Spritz Wellness because it combines lavender (a bedtime classic) with mandarin, ravensara and chamomile – less common essential oils all known for calming the nervous system.

Pair it with a silk eye mask and a sleepy tea like valerian for a thoughtful insomnia-fighting care package. Great for anyone battling with their body clock, from new parents to frequent flyers.

Spritz Wellness sleep atmosphere mist, from £14

Elemental herbology products - a candle, diffuser and bath and body oil set
Elemental herbology gift set

To make their home smell like a spa

Reed diffuser, from £14

Just as a pillow spray creates a mental shortcut to sleepiness, aromatherapy gifts like home fragrances can be used to trigger different moods.

Elemental Herbology’s Rejuvenate scent blends lemongrass, nutmeg and ginger – three spicy but fresh oils that work to bring down stress without sending you to sleep.

Treat them to the reed diffuser for a long-lasting scent that’ll get compliments from every guest, or combine it with the Rejuvenate bath and body oil and muscle melt balm. Not only will their house smell dreamy, but their body will too.


Elemental Herbology rejuvenate reed diffuser, from £44


For a much-needed massage

Massage at home, from £59

If you’re looking for something different this Christmas that goes beyond traditional products, we’d like to introduce ourselves. With Urban, you can book a relaxing at-home massage with a professional therapist. Your lucky giftee can choose which therapist they’d like, what time suits them – and where – for a spa-quality massage in the comfort of their own home. 

The relaxing massage is ideal for melting away stress and targeting tension in the body with expert calming techniques. Whether you’re buying for a busy professional, a tired parent, or a friend who deserves a treat, a massage treatment is a gift that they might not think about getting for themselves. But it’s one that’ll leave them feeling loved after the busy holiday season.

Urban relaxing massage, from £69


For a calming bath routine

Set of bath salts, from £30

For those lucky enough to have a bath as well as a shower, help them make the most of it with Aery’s Positive Energy bath salt gift set. They’ll get three pots, each with its own theme – better sleep, happy and positive – designed to create a spa-like experience at home.

Each has a different fragrance to choose from to suit their spirit – Happy Space blends rose, geranium and amber for a warming mood uplift. Before Sleep combines lavender with eucalyptus and cedar for a dreamy nights rest and Positive Energy helps awaken with the freshness of mint, vetiver and pink grapefruit.

Bath salts are also known for helping with stress, and Aery has chosen a soothing blend of Himalayan and Epsom salts for a calming touch. Perfect for unwinding after a busy day, this gift is great for someone needing an excuse to escape daily life for an hour.

Aery positive energy bath salts, from £30

Cosy shot of the Neom diffuser alongside a vase of dried flowers and cosy armchair
Cosy shot of the Neom diffuser alongside a vase of dried flowers and cosy armchair

For a wellbeing boost

Essential oil diffuser, from £167

The benefits of regular meditation sessions seem too good not to try, from improving your mood, increasing memory and reducing stress. But when life gets in the way it’s an easy task to forget about. For someone wanting to really give it a try, we’ve found an easy way to introduce it into your routine (with a stylish home product).

NEOM Organics essential diffuser wellbeing pod combines a few things that make meditation simpler. The ’breathing mode’ uses light that slowly brightens and dulls for a guided breathing session, making it a great way to add meditation to your routine.

It comes with a range of 100% natural essential oil blends to diffuse throughout your day, as well as a night light feature and touch sensitivity. With a warm tone and wooden base, they can choose to set it up in their bedroom, living room or the cosiest corner in their house for a dedicated relaxation space.

NEOM Organics essential diffuser wellbeing pod, from £167

Cowshed luxury hamper with candle, shower gel, eye mask and more

For the ultimate de-stress

Cowshed hamper, from £140

If Christmas is one of the only times they can truly relax, it’s worth thinking about how they can bring this sense of calm back to the city. To stop dreading the return back to work, look for a gift that’ll help combat stress.

Cowshed’s ‘a moment of calm’ hamper – a wooden box filled with their signature products – acts as a well-deserved break from the stresses of daily life. We love that it includes the Indulge body oil, a skincare step we might often skip, but actually makes a real difference in feeling taken care of. The candle, silk sleep mask and lip balm are all lovely touches too.

This complete set is great for creating a realistic but indulgent self-care routine, perfect for once life is no longer on pause. So whether you’re the one who needs a gentle reminder to take time out, or you know someone who needs help creating calm, a hamper like this is a great incentive. 

The Cowshed a moment of calm hamper, from £140

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