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Woman getting her brows defined at home

Defined brows

Brow styling totally tailored to you – not a stencil in sight.


Consultation; custom-blended colour; hair removal; makeup application


  • Groomed brows, how you like them

  • Brow symmetry, fullness and definition

  • Brushed up brows or neat and defined

During your treatment

Your brow expert will begin your session with a thorough consultation to establish your brow goals before working to achieve them over the course of a multi-step treatment.

First, they'll tint your brows using custom-blended colour to perfectly match your skin tone. Unlike conventional eyebrow tints, they’ll also apply the colour around the brow to pick up those fair and fluffy hairs you didn’t even realise were there.

Next, they’ll get to work creating your dream eyebrow shape through waxing, they’ll keep in mind any areas where you may want to re-grow hair, working towards your long-term brow goals.

For a smooth, neat finish, your expert will also use threading to remove any fluffy hairs above and below the brow to ensure there’s no tell-tale signs of waxing. Your expert will then tweeze any stray hairs, trim unruly hairs down and apply brow make up to finish the look.

Your pro will finish the treatment with some aftercare advice to help you maintain your results, along with some product recommendations. This is especially important if you’re on a re-growth programme, working towards your dream brows.

Probably not the treatment for you if:

You haven’t had a patch test 24 hours before treatment, or a brow treatment in the past six months. You'll need to sign a disclaimer at the time of your booking if you're happy to go ahead without a patch test.

You have an eye infection or a skin condition affecting the eyebrow area.

You have had an allergic reaction to an eyebrow treatment in the past.

You're pregnant or breastfeeding.