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Youth boost facial

A powerhouse of radiance for youthful looking skin.

You want

Youthful radiance, hydration, anti-aging protection


70 minutes (including 10 minutes of set-up time)

Our recommendation

When it comes to skin that looks and feels youthful, nothing beats the considered alchemy of good skincare. In this tailored facial a qualified skin expert will work with you to address your specific concerns, from hyperpigmentation to fine lines, dullness to dehydration.

During your treatment

Your skin expert will begin by asking you a few questions about your current skincare routine and lifestyle before inviting you to lie back and relax. Using products from a dermatologist-approved salon brand*, they’ll tailor a series of skincare modules to your specific needs, like touch therapy to lift and firm the skin, leaving your complexion dewy and rejuvenated.

*Browse individual skin expert bios to discover which professional product range(s) they carry.

Some things you might want to consider before booking:

If you have extremely sensitive skin or inflamed acne, your therapist will adapt your treatment accordingly to calm the skin.

If you are pregnant, please advise your therapist so they can adapt the treatment accordingly with pregnancy-safe products, or book our Pregnancy glow facial instead

If you’re taking acne medication or applying it topically, your therapist will leave out any exfoliating element of the treatment and work with you to support recovery of the skin. The same applies if your skin has recently been waxed or resurfaced.

If you have open wounds or lesions on your face, neck or chest, then we’d suggest that you wait until they’ve healed before booking your facial.

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