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Our customert support team is online from 7AM - 10PM. Check our FAQs to answer your questions or email us and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Woman getting a massage at home

Bringing a human touch to city life

Super-convenient home treatments that don’t come at a human cost. That’s what we do, and here’s why:

Get the most out of city life with at home wellness

Get the most out of city life

When you burn out, you miss out. But put time aside to look after yourself and you’ll never say “I can’t make brunch, I’m too fried” again.

It’s our job to make sure you can fit in the treatments you need, even when you’re busy.

Home massage therapist standing in front of a patient's home

Making things better for therapists

We help them earn more, with an average of 70% of what you pay going directly to your therapist. For comparison, in some spas the therapist's cut is as low as 20%.

And we put pros back in the driver’s seat. They choose when and where they work, and we give them tools to make them feel safe and supported.

We built Urban for therapists like Zornitsa


Of what you pay (on average) goes directly to your therapist.

Where your money goes

Traditional spas and clinics

50% to the spa

30% running costs

20% to the therapist


30% to Urban

70% to the therapist (on average)

Jack Tang and Giles Williams, Urban cofounders

Our story so far

In 2014, Jack Tang and Giles Williams founded Urban as a massage-at-home service. But what started as a way to book treatments online has become much more. 

Urban started out in London before expanding to Manchester and Birmingham in 2015, then Paris a year later. 

Urban offers osteopathy physiotherapy and more at home

In 2018, we grew our services to include osteopathy, physio, nails, facials…you name it. Turns out it wasn’t just massage therapists looking to go mobile and earn more.

Our HQ team’s currently looking after over 4000 practitioners out in the city doing their thing. And thanks to our investors and our ideas, we’re not done. Not even close.

Our investors