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Lymphatic drainage massage

A gentle massage to rebalance vital systems of the body.

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Benefits of lymphatic drainage

  • Encourages the flow of lymph and improves circulation

  • Boosts energy levels and helps soothe anxiety

  • May help with swollen joints

Our recommendation

Your lymphatic system is a network of tissues lying just under the skin that works to protect you from infection, poor health and disease.

A super-gentle lymphatic massage works to move waste fluid around the body more effectively and support the normal functioning of your immune system.

During your treatment

Lymphatic drainage massage is unique in that no oil or wax is used. Instead, very gentle pressure at a slow pace is applied to move lymph fluid towards the centre of the body. Soft pumping movements on the lymph nodes work to open them up.

While it’s not designed to make you feel sleepy, it’s completely normal to feel a little tired afterwards (and to need to pee!) as waste products are flushed out of your system. Drinking lots of water after your treatment will help.

More info on lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage is a full-body treatment that pushes lymph fluid from all over the body towards lymph nodes. This includes treating the face, legs, arms, hands and feet.

Physical activity before and after your treatment is a great way to stimulate your lymphatic system to help support the drainage process.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, fizzy drinks and/or eating a big meal before or after your treatment. And remember to drink plenty of water.

By helping you flush out excess fluid, a lymphatic drainage treatment can help you lose some water weight, but it’s not a treatment for general weight loss.  

A lymphatic drainage treatment can help a little with reducing the appearance of cellulite, but it’s more of a treatment for detoxing than toning up. A specialist anti-cellulite massage, like the sculpting massage available on Urban, would be more effective.

It should be noted that if our lymphatic drainage treatment is unsuitable if you've recently had cosmetic surgery. You may wish to book a Brazilian lymphatic drainage treatment instead, which we do not currently offer on Urban.

No, we don't recommend this treatment if you're pregnant. Try our specialist pregnancy massage instead, suitable from your second trimester.

To keep you and your therapist safe, it's important to hold off on getting a massage if you're feeling unwell with a fever, flu-like symptoms, or a contagious skin disease.

Your therapist has the right to cancel your appointment if they think it could be harmful to you or to them.

If you've got a health condition and you're not sure whether a massage is safe for you, chat to your GP for some advice before you book in.

Treatment available in London & Manchester

Treatment available in London & Manchester