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Therapist giving a thai massage to a patient

Book a Thai massage at home

A traditional Thai massage using oil to help de-stress, stretch muscles and energise.

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Benefits of Thai massage (with oil)

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Reduces stress and calms the central nervous system, promoting better sleep

  • Helps relieve back pain and symptoms of arthritis and sciatica

Our recommendation

“This treatment clears energy channels, rebalances your posture and boosts your flexibility,” Nadège, our Lead Therapist says. “It’s the sort of treatment that blurs the lines between acupressure and deep tissue, so it’s ideal if you’ve got sore muscles or if you're feeling stressed.”

During your treatment

Let your therapist know if you’ve got any pain or swelling beforehand and they'll adapt your massage to treat it.

They’ll use oil to deliver a smooth massage which should relieve tension in your neck, back and shoulders.

Your therapist will also block and release blood flow to different parts of your body, providing a rush of heat to your limbs, boosting your circulation.

More info on Thai massage (with oil)

This treatment targets pressure points believed in Thai culture to be focal points of chi energy in the body. Therapists work those points with deep pressure, using gliding and stroking movements, or just by using a compression technique, which involves pressing and releasing motions.

Yes - Thai massages are a powerful way to rebalance energy in your body, and they’re great at working out muscle tension, too. They’re also a good way to relieve stress if you like medium-strong pressure treatments.

Therapists perform Thai massages with oil directly onto the skin, and are usually performed with you in your underwear (it’s up to you whether you keep a bra or crop top on). If you’d rather stay clothed for your treatment, try Thai yoga, which is also available on Urban.

Coming from two vastly different cultures, there are a lot of differences between the two treatments. Thai massage focuses on the idea of unblocking energy pathways throughout the body, to rebalance energy flow and restore a sense of wellbeing. Swedish massage takes a slightly more ‘Western’ approach, using classic massage techniques to stimulate blood flow and relieve tension

No, we recommend our specialist pregnancy massage instead.

To keep you and your therapist safe, it’s important to hold off on getting a massage if you’re unwell with a fever or flu-like symptoms, or if you have a contagious skin disease. Therapists have the right to cancel your treatment if they think it will harm you or them in any way.

If you have a health condition and you’re not sure about booking a massage, consult your GP for advice beforehand.

Thai massage (with oil) is only available in London

Thai massage (with oil) is only available in London