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The best facials in London

It’s easy for city life to show up on the skin. From hot air on the tube to air-conditioned offices, pollution to sun exposure, our skin goes through a heck of a lot – we’re breaking out just thinking about it. So whether your skin’s looking a tad dull and needs a bit of rejuvenation, or you have a skin concern that’s been bothering you for years, a targeted facial can help. And thankfully, London is home to lots of professionals who are passionate about skincare and skin health. Here's our top picks.

Model rubbing foam into his face

The best deep cleansing facial in London, Eleni London, Clapham

Pollution can cause pore congestion, resulting in dullness, small bumps, whiteheads and blackheads. To remove the signs of city life from your face, a deep cleansing facial can help. 

Eleni London offers a deep cleansing facial to manually extract visible signs of congestion to improve the overall look for your skin, getting rid of dead skin cells for a bright and clean complexion. 

The Deep Cleansing Facial £110

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The best bespoke facial in London
VicoGlow with Jasmina, Fitzrovia

Not quite sure what your skin needs? Bespoke treatments will target the skin concerns your therapist think your skin will benefit from the most. That way, you know you’re getting the best outcome for your money.

At Jasmina Vico, VicoGlow is a signature facial that aims to improve hydration for healthy, radiant skin, with a focus on your skin’s specific needs.

But not only will you benefit from the treatment itself, Jasmina’s huge range of skincare knowledge will leave you armed and ready to tackle your skin concerns after your visit. 

The treatment includes:

  • Deep cleanse

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Face sculpt

  • All adapted to your skin’s individual needs

VicoGlow with Jasmina starts at £325

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Dr Leah and Sir Alan Sugar at the Dr Leah Clinic

The best facials in London for acne
Dr Leah, Baker Street and Moorgate

Acne is a common skin concern that many people deal with, but there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the best facial to combat it. Whether you have active acne or acne scars, your treatment will need to be tailored to your current skin condition for the best results.

The Dr Leah Clinic offers a range of different treatments for people with mild to moderate acne. They have specific treatment options and recommendations that depend on the type of acne you’re dealing with, including back acne. It’s key to note that Dr Leah doesn't offer treatments for cystic acne and instead recommends visiting a GP for medication.

As a clinic that’s led by doctors, it’s a trustworthy choice when it comes to choosing the best facials in London.

Acne treatments at Dr Leah start at £65 for a deep exfoliation blackhead extraction facial

Image credit: Joe Pepler/PinPep

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Dr David Jack staff at the clinic

The best facials in London for glass skin
Dr David Jack, The Belgravia Clinic

Who doesn’t dream of exceptionally smooth, radiant, balmy skin? Coined as ‘glass skin’, first introduced by Korean skincare, the term has since become the beauty buzzword and a look many people are craving. But how do you get this dream-like appearance?

Dr David Jack, creator of the acclaimed Harley Street clinic, has the answer with his Korean ‘Glass Skin’ Facial, an exclusive facial at his Belgravia Clinic. The treatment aims to repair your skin's barrier to get radiant, plump glowing skin. 

You can expect:

  • Cleanse

  • Signature micropeel

  • Deep cleansing aquapurify

  • Ionised oxygen bubble mask

  • Ultrasound

  • Antioxidant atomising spray

  • LED therapy

Facials at the Belgravia Clinic start at £250

Image: Dr David Jack

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Hydrafacial at the Elenique clinic

The best hydrafacial in London
Elenique Skin Clinic, Fulham

Hailed as beauty’s ‘best kept secret’, the hydrafacial is a multi-step treatment that targets many skin concerns in six steps. The device used in a hydrafacial works like a vacuum. It cleanses the skin using suction, pushing out trapped dirt, dead skin cells and oil from your pores.

It’s known to benefit everything from congested skin to oily, acne-prone skin, as well as those who have pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles – an all-round skin saviour.

As seen in the likes of Tatler, Forbes, Vanity Fair and Hello! Elenique Skin Clinic is a trusted skin clinic offering a range of skin treatments, including hydrafacial. Their highly recommended hydrafacial is a popular choice thanks to its impressive results as it includes all of the following:

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Cleansing

  • Exfoliation

  • Extraction

  • Hydration

  • LED light therapy

As with most facials, this treatment is more beneficial when done regularly. So if you’re wanting to see results the team will be able to recommend how many treatments your skin may need to reach your goals.


Hydrafacial prices start at £180

Image: Eleni London

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Model with a glowy mask and towel on her head

Book an at-home facial with Urban
Your place

If you’d rather keep the freshness of your facial for longer, you can avoid the polluted commute by booking a professional directly to your door on the Urban app.

Whether you have dull, congested skin, sensitive skin or you simply need a quick, healthy boost, Urban facials are available for all skin types and concerns. 

Not got long? Opt for the express facial. Or for a more advanced facial, The Dermalogica ProSkin60 treatment is completely tailored to your skin. It combines dermatologist-approved products with expert techniques so your skin enjoys a custom experience with the healthiest results.

You can also enjoy a delicious facial massage and even go one step further with an indulgent body massage to follow your treatment.

Facials start from £30

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At-home facial FAQs

When you book a facial with Urban, your pro will need access to a sink and you’ll need a couple of towels for the table. They'll bring everything else.

All Urban pros are qualified in every treatment they offer to leave you feeling relaxed. We check their experience, qualifications and kit to make sure you get beautiful facial treatments at home, every time.

This can depend on your specific skin type but if glowy skin is your goal, your therapist will tailor any treatment accordingly. Can't choose? Go for our hydrating facial for dewy, radiant skin and smooth pores.

Most of our facials take around 60 minutes. But if that's too long, it shouldn't stop you from getting the skin of your dreams – the express 25 facial can get you there in just 25 minutes.

Forget traveling the length of London for a facial, you can enjoy radiant skin close to home with Urban beauty. Whether you need help with acne, dull skin, redness, dead skin cells, dehydration, blackheads or blemishes, your pro can help get you to gentle, plump skin. No more searching for a facial near me, book an expert straight to your door instead.