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A Thai massage therapist demonstrates a typical back stretch on a male client who is lying face up on a Thai massage mat

Thai yoga massage in London

Book a qualified massage therapist for a traditional Thai massage at home, roll-up floor mattress included.

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What are the benefits of a Thai yoga massage?

Our Thai yoga massage is a bit like a yoga routine, but with your therapist doing all of the work.

There's no better way to loosen up muscles after exercise or to improve flexibility. Allow stress to melt away as your therapist moves your body into yoga poses like the back-stretching cobra.

Why we recommend it

Thai yoga massage checks so many boxes. It's ideal at any time of the day because it revitalises and calms your body, and it's beneficial for athletes and stressed-out desk workers alike.

A clothed Thai yoga massage can also improve flexibility and assist in treating back, neck, and shoulder discomfort.

What to expect from a Thai Yoga massage in London

Your mobile massage therapist will arrive with everything needed for your treatment, including a roll-up massage bed. You'll just need to provide some towels (two large ones and a smaller one for your head).

With you clothed (loose yoga/gym gear is perfect), your therapist will perform a full body massage.

This is an active style of massage where your therapist will move you through different stretches and poses. They'll target acupressure points with their thumbs, elbows, forearms and feet, leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

Looking for a Thai massage with oil? Click here

Thai yoga massage aftercare

Drink plenty of water after your massage: a warm herbal tea is perfect for nourishing your digestive system.

You might feel sleepy after a Thai yoga massage so if you're able to fit in a nap, go for it! The beauty of a home treatment is that you can hop straight into bed after your treatment.

London Thai yoga massage FAQS

A Thai yoga massage is Urban's signature clothed massage. It's performed with you wearing loose clothing so your therapist can stretch and manipulate your muscles using traditional Thai techniques.

Your therapist won't use any oils for this massage – if you'd like them to, try our Thai massage with oil.

One of the key differences between Thai Yoga massage and other styles is that it's performed on a roll out mat on the floor. Popular massages like Swedish massage, sports massage and deep tissue massage, on the other hand, are performed on a massage table.

Therapists don't use oil for Thai Yoga massage, instead they massage you through your clothes using varied techniques to balance the body and release stress.

Don't be surprised if your massage therapist climbs around you, too! It's an active massage experience, with your therapist using their body—their knees, elbows, feet, and forearms—to stretch and manipulate yours.

You can book a mobile Thai massage via Urban across London and the South East to your home or hotel.

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We work with over 4,000 qualified and hand-selected therapist across all boroughs of London. Many Urban Thai massage therapists have trained in Thailand – browse individual bios to learn more.

Popular booking areas include: Archway, Barnet, Belgravia, Cambridge Heath, Crouch End, Earl's Court Road, Enfield, Fitzrovia, Haggerston, Maida Vale, North London, Peckham, Primrose Hill, Stoke Newington, White City, Wood Green and more

With Urban, you can book a massage to your Airbnb or hotel in just 60 minutes.

We work with some of London's best Thai massage professionals in London to deliver a highly recommended service. Browse real ratings and reviews to find five-star Thai yoga massage therapists near you.

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Recent five-star review for a Thai massage with Kamal:

"This was the best massage I ever had, and I had many from amazing professionals. Kamal is amazing! I had a Thai yoga no oil massage: I regain mobility and my pain is gone! Kamal is highly skilled, kind and compassionate. He personalize his massage to the aches and preferences of the person, and stays attentive all along, asking if the pressure is good. "I can't recommend him enough!"

When you book a Thai massage on the Urban app, you can choose your treatment duration from 60 to 120 minutes.

Duration includes setup and pack-down, so we recommend booking at least 90 minutes for longer hands-on treatment time.

Stretching is a major part of Thai yoga treatments, so it's essential to wear light, flexible clothing—the same kind you'd wear to the gym or a yoga class.

Thai yoga is a form of therapy that focuses on guided stretching, but therapists also use more conventional methods to relieve muscle tension, such as acupressure points that are targeted and the use of hands, forearms, elbows, and feet.

Don't book if you're feverish, have an acute injury, symptoms of flu or contagious illness.

This treatment is not suitable if you're pregnant. We recommend our specialist pregnancy massage instead which you can book from your second trimester.

Ask your GP for advice before booking if you have a health condition.

Your therapist has the right to withhold treatment if they think it will cause you or them harm.

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