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Therapist giving a thai massage to a patient

Thai massage in London

Enjoy a relaxing Thai massage with oil, delivered to your home or hotel in just 60 minutes.

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Benefits of Thai massage

  • Deep pressure, gliding and stretching movements stimulate blood flow

  • Improves sleep quality by calming the central nervous system and reducing tension

  • Relieves sciatica, arthritis, and back pain symptoms

Why we recommend it

“This treatment clears energy channels, rebalances your posture and boosts your flexibility,” Nadège, our lead therapist says. “It’s the sort of treatment that blurs the lines between acupressure and deep tissue, so it’s ideal if you’ve got sore muscles or if you're feeling stressed.”

What to expect from your mobile Thai massage

Your therapist will arrive at your home with a mobile massage table and oils for your treatment. Grab some towels for the table (two large ones and a smaller one for the headrest are ideal).

After a consultation to understand your medical history and areas of focus, your therapist will begin a traditional Thai massage. They’ll use oil for smooth gliding motions, targeting tension in your neck, back and shoulders.

Your therapist will apply pressure to restrict and then restore blood flow to various areas of your body. This will cause a rush of heat to your limbs and improve circulation.

Thai massage London FAQs

Urban is the UK's leading massage app, having delivered over 1 million treatments to people's homes across London, Manchester and beyond.

Urban operates across London, including within the commuter belt in places like Surrey and Hertfordshire.

Find a massage therapist near you

Popular booking areas in London include: Whitehall and Westminster, Soho and Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Strand, Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia, Smithfield and Spitalfields, Southwark and Bankside, South Bank, Chelsea, Earl's Court, South Kensington and Knightsbridge, Kensington and Holland Park, Regent’s Park and Marylebone, Greenwich and Blackheath and more.

Don't just take our word for it:

"I had an amazing Thai massage with Laszlo, just the right pressure and to top it off he was super kind, happy and friendly and I felt safe with him! Will absolutely be booking in again thank you so very much for helping my poor back today!" - Five star review for Thai massage with Urban therapist Laszlo

Thai massage is a form of acupressure therapy that combines deep tissue massage, mild stretches, and stimulation of acupressure points to balance body and mind.

To ease neck, shoulder, and back strain, natural, massage oil blends are applied with fluid, flowing strokes. Improved blood circulation, lowered stress levels, and better sleep are just some of the many advantages. It's ideal in helping your body's natural healing processes along.

Thai massages are an effective technique to regulate your body's energy and are also excellent for relieving muscle stress. If you enjoy treatments that use medium-strong pressure, they're also a wonderful approach to reduce stress.

Your body will be partially covered by a towel for your massage as oil is applied to your skin. Your therapist will leave the room to allow you to undress to your underwear (which must be worn on your lower half at all times). It's up to you if you'd like to keep your bra on if you normally wear one.

If you'd prefer to have a clothed massage, try our Thai yoga option.

There are many distinctions between the two therapies since they come from two distinct cultures.

Thai massage is centred on the concept of clearing blockages in the body's energy channels to regulate energy flow.

Swedish massage uses traditional massage methods to promote blood flow and reduce stress.

No, as your therapist may not be qualified to deliver pregnancy massage. We recommend booking a specialist pregnancy massage instead, suitable from your second trimester.

  • If you have a health condition, we advise asking your doctor before booking Thai massage

  • Don't book if you're unwell, including with fever symptoms or a contagious skin condition

  • Your therapist has the right to cancel your session if they believe it might harm you or them