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Therapist giving a massage tailored to cancer patients

Oncology massage

Specialist complementary therapy for any stage of your cancer journey.

Not-for-profit treatment

Soothe mind and body

Massage therapy to support with the emotional and physical side effects of treatment for cancer

Benefits of oncology massage

  • Relaxes muscles and reduces stress and anxiety

  • Supports with the physical and emotional side effects of cancer treatment

  • Tailored treatment for your unique situation and symptoms

Our recommendation

Delivered by therapists with specialist training, our oncology treatment is completely tailored to you. Your therapist will work to support your unique and changing needs that come during and after cancer treatment.

With regular treatments, your massage therapist can give you relief from anxiety, poor sleep, stiffness and sore muscles.

During your treatment

Your therapist will start with a few questions to help tailor the treatment to you. They can perform a full-body massage treatment or focus on any part of the body you need them to. They’ll apply light to moderate pressure and will always make sure you’re comfortable with it.

Your wellbeing is the most important thing, so don’t hesitate to voice any concerns or requests you may have.

All Urban oncology massage therapists are specially trained at the most reputable schools and they are fully insured. You’re in good hands.

Questions before your treatment?

Download the Urban app to chat directly with your therapist after booking. You can ask them about the treatment, their Covid-19 safety measures or share parking info.

More info on oncology massage

No, there’s no scientific evidence to suggest massages cause cancer to spread to other parts of the body.

Cancer can affect your body in a number of ways that need handling by a specialist massage therapist. This includes having weaker muscles, more delicate bones, heart problems or arthritis, or sensitive spots where you’ve recently had radiotherapy.

No, oncology massages are a complimentary therapy to run alongside or after cancer treatment. Massage therapy is shown to help with muscular pain often caused by cancer treatment, and may also help reduce anxiety and fatigue.

No – We advise you to wait 24 hours after a chemotherapy treatment to get a massage. Also, if you’ve been prescribed steroids, check it’s okay with your doctor or medical practitioner first.

Oncology massage is only available in London

Oncology massage is only available in London