Thai (with oil)

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Thai (with oil)

This treatment’s been around for thousands of years, so you know it must be doing something right. If you want balance in both body and mind, this is the treatment for you.

You've got

Aches, Pains, Fatigue





Improves blood circulation.

Reduces stress and calms the central nervous system, promoting better sleep habits.

Helps bring relief to arthritis sufferers and can alleviate back pain or sciatica symptoms.


Our recommendation

“This is an ace massage for clearing energy channels as well as rebalancing postural misalignments and boosting flexibility,” Nadège, our Lead Therapist says. “It’s the sort of treatment that blurs the lines between acupressure and deep tissue - so it’s ideal if you’ve got sore muscles or want a drop in stress levels.”

During your treatment

Your massage therapist is a pro, and will tailor the treatment to your specifications, so make sure you let them know if you’ve got any pain or swelling beforehand.

They’ll use oil to deliver a smooth massage which should relieve tension in your neck, back and shoulders.

Your therapist will also block and release blood flow to different parts of your body, providing an intense rush of heat to your limbs, boosting your circulation.


Probably not the treatment for you if:

You’re feeling unwell and/or you or anyone in your household needs to self-isolate or shield.

You're pregnant; try our specialist pregnancy treatment instead which you can book after your first trimester.

Questions before your treatment?

Use the Urban app to chat directly with your therapist after booking. You can ask them about the treatment, their Covid-19 safety measures or share parking info.