A dreamy full body massage using essential oils that promote sleep.

You're feeling

Stressed, tired, tense





Prepares mind and body for a restful night.

Blended essential oil blends to help you sleep.

Gently releases tension.


Our recommendation

Settle down for a night of pure rest. This treatment soothes nervous minds and tired bodies, using light pressure and flowing strokes to help you unwind. Put on some relaxing music, dim the lights, and book just before bedtime.

During your treatment

In this relaxing treatment, your pro will use slow flowing motions across your whole body to release tension and calm your nervous system. They’ll work with carefully-chosen essential oils formulated to help promote restful sleep.

Different people relax in different ways, and so your pro will make sure their pressure and motions are just right.


Probably not the treatment for you if:

You’re feeling unwell and/or you or anyone in your household needs to self-isolate or shield.

You're pregnant; try our specialist pregnancy treatment instead which you can book after your first trimester.

Questions before your treatment?

Use the Urban app to chat directly with your therapist after booking. You can ask them about the treatment, their Covid-19 safety measures or share parking info.