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Neom sleep

A dreamy full body massage using Neom Organics products proven to help with sleep.

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Stressed, tired, tense



Please note

You can only book one massage therapist to your home at a time for Covid-19 safety.



Prepares your mind and body for a restful sleep.

100% natural essential oil blends from the masters at Neom Organics.

An optional guided meditation to help you unwind.


Our recommendation

We designed this comforting full body treatment in partnership with Neom Organics as a soothing tonic for restless minds and tired bodies.

It combines soothing techniques inspired by six worldly therapies with Neom Organics Scent-to-Sleep products, proven to help 88% of people sleep better.*

*July 2015 consumer study by Neom Organics involving 65 participants over seven nights.

During your treatment

Your therapist will set the scene for sleep with a few spritzes of Neom’s Tranquility™ fragrance, a blend of 14 essential oils including English lavender, chamomile and patchouli.

Next, an optional guided meditation and foot sequence work to transition a busy mind to something a little quieter.

For your full body massage, expect long, flowing strokes and acupressure, made even more luxurious with Neom’s nourishing Intense Night Repair Oil.

Your therapist will focus on techniques to help you relax. If you’d like more targeted pressure, just let them know before your treatment begins.

Our top tip

Skip the post-massage shower or bath to let Neom’s Intense Night Repair Oil work its skin-nourishing magic while you sleep.


Probably not the treatment for you if:

You’re feeling unwell and/or you or anyone in your household needs to self-isolate or shield.

You’re pregnant; if you’re in your second or third trimester, try a specialist pregnancy massage instead.

You’re looking for a medical treatment to help with a sleep disorder – your GP’s best for that.