Deep tissue

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Deep tissue

You've got

Tension that’s affecting your movement, muscular aches





Strong pressure for reducing tension and stiffness

Your pro can target specific areas to help free them up

Talk safety and hygiene with your pro ahead of time via instant messaging

Our recommendation

“The strong pressure of this treatment is great for freeing up tense muscles while realigning tissue and speeding up recovery” says Nadege, our lead therapist.

“Expect elbow, fist and forearm work with a gradual increase in pressure.”

Bear in mind it’s not uncommon to feel slightly sore after a deep tissue treatment, but this should ease off over the course of 72 hours.


During your treatment

When they arrive, your therapist will check where your problem areas are to get a feel for how they can help. They’ll also chat through your medical history and any current or past injuries.

They’ll start with fairly light motions, gradually building up pressure throughout the treatment to allow your body to adjust. They may use their elbows, fists, thumbs and knuckles for deeper pressure.


Chat safety with your pro via instant message

After you’ve booked, you’ll be able to contact your pro via instant messaging. It’s your chance to let your pro know if you’d definitely rather they wore a mask, to find out their vaccination status, or to check if they’re using public transport to get to you.

We recommend reaching out to your pro with useful safety information, too. Let them know if you’ve recently had a negative Covid test, or check whether they’d like you to wear a mask.

Don’t choose this massage if:

You’re feeling unwell and/or you or anyone in your household needs to self-isolate or shield.

You want something with a light touch – try our Urban classic or relaxing treatments instead.

You’re pregnant or there is a chance you could be pregnant.