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Woman relaxing during a massage with her eyes closed

Relaxing massage in Manchester

Soothe stress and find calm with this gentle treatment.

Light-medium pressure

Helps with

Tiredness, stress and tension

Benefits of a relaxing massage

  • Take the edge off stress and fatigue at home, anwhere in Manchester

  • Better sleep and focus

  • Less tension in your muscles

Why you should try it

Breathe deep and let a professional therapist soothe your body and mind. This treatment's designed to melt tension and stress, perfect if you've had a long day, or if you just prefer gentler massage treatments.

During your treatment

With light pressure and flowing motions, this is one of our most relaxing treatments from start to finish, and includes massage on the head, hands face and feet.

Along with a candle lit and some calming music, it's the full spa treatment at home.

More info on relaxing massage Manchester

Mobile massages on Urban are available across Manchester, from Spinningfields to Withington.

Enter your postcode here to find an available massage therapist near you.

Yes, we offer sports massage, deep tissue massage and more in Manchester.

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Relaxing massages calm your nervous system with gentle pressure and slow motions across the whole body.

They work to slow your mind down first, which sends signals to the rest of your body to release tension.

It can be - just let Let your therapist know you'd like one during your consultation and they'll be sure to incorporate it.

Yes! Human touch is proven to help your body manage and relieve stress. According to research, that's because touch activates the vagus nerve, slowing your brain down in the parts of your brain that process perceived danger.

So slow massage motions invite the body to deeply relax, and you can combine your treatment with deep breathing, music and spa fragrances to help you relax even more.

No, as your therapist may not be insured or qualified to work with pregnant clients. Try our specialist pregnancy massage instead, suitable from your second trimester.

Yes, don't book if you're unwell with flu or fever symptoms, or any contagious illness. Your therapist has the right to cancel if they believe treatment could harm you or them.

Check with your GP before booking if you have a health condition you're concerned may be contraindicated for massage.