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Woman relaxing during a massage with her eyes closed

Relaxing massage in London

Release muscle tension and feel calmer with this gentle full body massage.

Light-medium pressure


Feeling stressed, fatigued or tense

Benefits of a relaxing massage

  • Stay put and order a soothing massage to your home or hotel in London

  • Relief from the stress of daily life in London

  • Feel lighter and calmer in one session

Why we recommend it

Performed by skilled massage therapists, our relaxation massage is designed to slow down body and mind. It's ideal for unwinding after a long day, or simply if you don't fancy the pressure of a deep tissue massage.

What happens during a relaxing massage?

Your therapist will arrive at your home or hotel with a treatment table and massage oil blended with essential oils.

A soothing head-to-toe treatment, they'll use light and flowing massage techniques to activate your body's rest and digest state. Your therapist may also include a head massage (inspired by Indian head massage techniques) and/or massage your face and neck for full-body calm.

One of the best massages if you're experiencing acute stress, light your favourite candle, play some calming music, and enjoy a spa experience at home.

Relaxing massage London FAQs

With signature light pressure and slow movements across the body, a relaxing massage is intended to calm your nervous system. A soothing massage can also help in releasing muscular tension by encouraging the mind to slow down.

Where sports massages focus on physical recovery, relaxing massages help your nervous system recover from the effects of stress.

Urban mobile therapists travel to homes, offices and hotels across London, from Park Lane to St Pancras.

Enter your postcode here to find a therapist near you in London, from Brixton to Walthamstow and further beyond like Hertfordshire, Essex and Berkshire.

It's optional. Before your therapist starts, let them know if you'd like a head massage as part of your treatment and they'll fit it in.

The way that human touch triggers your relaxation response is a major factor in how massages help with stress relief. According to studies, the vagus nerve is stimulated by touch, which reduces the activity of parts of the brain linked to stress and danger.

The stress response can also be turned off with a massage. Slow, sweeping massage strokes encourage the body to unwind completely. To maximise the effects of your massage, add some deep breathing, your preferred playlist, and scented candles.

No, it's not recommended. Try our specialist pregnancy massage instead, suitable from your second trimester.

Yes: Urban users in London can choose between over 15 styles of massage, including deep tissue massage, CBD massage, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, Thai massage and reflexology foot massage.

Don't book if you're unwell with a cold, flu or fever, or if there's a chance you might be contagious with any illness.

If you have a health condition and you're unsure whether to book, check with your GP first.

Your therapist has the right to not treat you if they feel it'll bring harm to you or them.