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Woman relaxing during a massage with her eyes closed

Relaxing massage in Birmingham

Enjoy a relaxing massage at home in Birmingham from a qualified mobile massage therapist.

Light-medium pressure

Helps with

Tiredness, stress and tension

Why book a relaxing massage Birmingham?

Forget travelling across Birmingham to the spa, stay comfy and enjoy all the benefits of a relaxing massage at home.

In this full-body massage, expect a drop in stress levels as gentle pressure and calming massage strokes trigger your body's rest and digest state.

Why we recommend relaxing massage

According to Nadège, our lead therapist, "this treatment is the ideal recipe for relaxation, melting tension, and calming your nervous system."

"Whether you're having trouble falling asleep, have a deadline to meet, or just want some quality alone time, everyone could benefit from a relaxing massage."

What to expect from your relaxing home massage

Your qualified therapist will arrive at your home or hotel with the massage table; you'll just need to provide some towels.

After a consultation, your therapist will perform a soothing full-body massage. They'll use light pressure and flowing strokes, and may also treat your head, face and neck.

Light your favourite candle, play some calming music, and prepare to discover a deeper level of calm.

Relaxing massage Birmingham FAQs

Urban massage therapists cover Birmingham city centre, Solihull & Shirley, Sutton Coldfield & Erdington and more.

Enter your postcode here to book your relaxing massage in Birmingham today.

A relaxing massage is a great way to prepare for a day of Birmingham sightseeing. Some popular attractions include the Mailbox, Bullring, Grand Central, high street, vintage shopping destinations and more. It's also perfect for winding down after attending an event at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC).

With generally light pressure and slow movements across the entire body, a soothing massage is designed to soothe your nervous system. A soothing massage can also assist to reduce overall stress by calming your mind.

Yes! f you’d like your Urban therapist to perform a head massage as part of your treatment, let them know just before they’re about to start and they’ll work it in.

Touch has been shown to have a profound effect on how we handle stress, with even small gestures like a shoulder tap changing our response.

Relaxing massages work to activate your body's natural 'rest and digest' state with slow, soothing movements. Some therapists also use relaxing essential oils like clary sage and lavender to enhance the calming effect of the treatment.

If you're pregnant, try our specialist pregnancy massage instead, suitable from your second trimester. This is to make sure your therapist is qualified and insured to work with pregnant clients.

Don't book if you feel unwell with fever or flu symptoms, or if you have a contagious illness. Your therapist can choose not to treat you if they believe it will put you or them at risk of harm.