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Therapist performing tapotement massage technique on a patient's shoulders

Energising massage London

Vigorous massage techniques to refresh, reset your body clock or simply feel less tired.

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Benefits of an energising massage

  • An oxygen boost to your brain and muscles

  • Energising massage techniques like tapotement

  • The massage equivalent of an espresso

Why we recommend it

Ideal at the start of the weekend or after a long flight, our energising massage does what it says on the tin. Rhythmic tapping and firm massage strokes get your blood pumping and your energy going.

Hop off the table feeling refreshed and alert, almost like you had a perfect night's sleep.

What happens during an energising massage?

Once your mobile massage therapist has set up their table, they'll take you through a brief consultation.

Enjoy a full-body massage that focuses on tapping and pounding in a quick, rhythmic manner.

To get your blood pumping and oxygen flowing, these are combined with effleurage (long strokes) and kneading.

Energising massage London FAQs

It's easy: just choose a treatment, select your therapist and pick a time and place for your home treatment. Your therapist will come to you with a massage table, you'll just need to provide some towels.

We believe that when you're able to fit self-care into a busy day, you're able to make more of life in London. Whether that's shopping at Westfield, visiting a West End musical or enjoying the sites of Westminster, do it refreshed.

We offer over 15 styles of massage for Londoners, from the popular deep tissue massage to Thai massage, relaxing massage and more.

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Yes! You feel more awake and less lethargic after receiving an energising massage because the pressure and movements increase blood flow, which in turn sends more oxygen to your body and brain.

This massage is designed to give you a temporary boost of energy. If you believe you may have a medical condition, such as chronic or adrenal fatigue, it is best to see a doctor.

A combination of deep kneading (known as petrissage) and more vigorous motions are used by massage therapists to get your blood flowing during an energising massage.

No, as your therapist may not be trained or insured to work with pregnant clients. We recommend booking our specialist pregnancy massage instead.

It's important to postpone getting a massage if you're sick with a fever or flu-like symptoms, or if you have a contagious skin condition, in order to protect both you and your therapist. Therapists have the right to stop seeing you if they believe it will cause any harm to you or them.

Ask your doctor for advice before scheduling a massage if you have a health condition and are unsure.