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Enjoy a couple's massage at home

Book two mobile massage therapists to your home or hotel for a side-by-side treatment.

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How to book a couple's massage


Use two accounts to book
To coordinate two therapists arriving at the same time and location.


Choose your treatments
From the popular deep tissue massage to Thai massage.

Relax, side-by-side
Clear space for the tables your therapist will bring with them and grab some towels.

Or book back-to-back

To book one therapist for two massages (enjoyed one after the other), simply add the treatments you want to your basket and we'll show you who's available.

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Couple's massage FAQs

A couple's massage is where you and a friend or partner enjoy massages side-by-side. You'll each have your own massage therapist who'll perform the massage of your choice.

During couples massages, your therapists will typically try to synchronise timings so that you turn over at the same time as your friend.

It's natural to wonder whether getting a massage - typically a solo activity - might feel unusual with company. And if you're new to it, it may well feel weird at first! Rest assured any initial awkwardness you might feel will quickly fade once the massage begins and your body and mind start to relax.

It's up to you if you'd like to chat throughout the treatment or just relish in the peace and quiet of shared relaxation.

With Urban, you get to choose your massage style and your therapist. Browse ratings and reviews to find the right therapist for you. But remember: to book two massages at the same time you'll need to book on separate accounts.

Couples massages start at £118 for two 45-minute express massages, but the cost depends on what treatment you book and the duration.

Feel free to mix and match massages (subject to therapist availability) so that you can each relax your way.

If you like your pressure strong, you might want to book a deep tissue massage (from £69). If you're pregnant, we only recommend our specialist pregnancy massage (suitable from week 13 of pregnancy, from £69). Or for a special treat, opt for our de-stress massage, featuring a soothing blend of essential oils - we recommend 90 minutes to deeply relax.

  • When your mobile massage therapists arrive, they'll ask you where to set up their massage tables. You'll need to provide some towels – two-three large ones for each table and a hand towel for the headrest – and floorspace large enough for two tables.

  • Next, they'll invite you both to get comfortable on the table, leaving the room to give you privacy to undress to your underwear (lower-half underwear must stay on at all times).

  • Your therapists will perform the massages of your choice, aiming to synchronise timings if possible to make it easier for you to chat with each other should you wish.

The beauty of an at-home massage service is you get to make it your own. Play your own music, light candles and set the temperature to whatever's most comfortable to you.

Your mobile therapists will aim to finish your treatments at the same time (unless, of course, you've booked different durations).

After the massage they'll leave the room to give you privacy to get dressed, before suggesting relevant aftercare tips. They'll pack away the massage table and share how you can rebook them again easily through the app. Enjoyed your treatment? Feel free to tip directly through the app: they'll get 100% of whatever you give.

What you wear before and after your massage is totally up to you. Just before your massage, your therapist will leave the room to give you privacy to undress to your underwear before you cover yourself with a towel.

Underwear on your lower-half must be worn at all times, but if you normally wear a bra it's up to you whether you keep it on. Your therapist will use techniques to make sure you're covered appropriately by a towel throughout the treatment.

If you've booked a sports massage, you may feel more comfortable wearing shorts for a glute massage, but again this is up to you.

We only recommend booking our specialist pregnancy massage if you're pregnant, suitable from week 13 of pregnancy. That's to make sure your therapist has both the extra training and the insurance to treat you.

As couples massages must be booked as individual treatments on two separate accounts, you can choose different massages to each other.

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A couples massage is a special experience to give a friend or loved one as a gift. It guarantees them time-out, and can be a good way to introduce them to massages if they've never tried one before.

There are a few ways to gift a couples massage. You can send your friend a gift card for the value of their chosen treatment and then coordinate booking at the same time.

Alternatively, you can buy two separate gift cards, noting that for the treatments to be enjoyed at the same time, they'll need to be redeemed and booked on two separate accounts.

Couples massages are typically enjoyed in the same treatment room, however if space in your home or hotel is limited, you can choose to enjoy them in separate rooms.

Just let your mobile therapists know where to set up when they arrive and they'll take care of the rest.

There are two ways to book a couples massage in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Method one: Use two accounts
You and your friend can coordinate booking therapists to your home at then same time. You'll both need to download the Urban app (or browse on the web) and look for two therapists that are available at the same time.

Method two: Complete the booking process twice
To book two massages at the same time using one account:

1. First check there are two therapists available for the time and respective treatments you'd like to book
2. Complete the booking process for massage one and checkout
3. Repeat the booking process for massage two (for the same date, time and location) and checkout

Massage therapist prepares for a thai massage

Therapists you can trust

From London and the South East to Birmingham and Manchester, we pre-vet every therapist before they join the Urban community, checking their paperwork, skills and insurance.

Want to book for more than two people? Learn about group bookings

Want to book for more than two people? Learn about group bookings