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Lunar New Year wellness gift cards

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with a gift card for a strength-giving at-home treatment. Treat them to their choice of 30+ treatments – massages, physiotherapy, osteopathy and more.

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From £20
30+ treatments to spend it on
From the UK's leading massage app

How it works

You choose how much to spend
An auspicious £80 covers a de-stress massage, but you can spend as little as £20

We’ll send it for you
By email, or sent physically in the post (in a yellow envelope!)

They choose the treatment
Massages, physio, facials and more - all delivered to their door

Lunar New Year, a time for transformation

As we usher in a new lunar year, what better way to honour the occasion than by fostering health and happiness? Our gift cards are more than just a present – they're an investment in self-care, allowing your loved ones to indulge in rejuvenating experiences from the comfort of home.

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Don't just take our word for it..

"Was a last minute gift for my partner and he loved it. Felt great after. Very professional. Great massage"
- Redeemed on deep tissue massage with Zarah E
"It was a gift for my brother and he called me to inform me how outstanding the massage was, very professional and worth every penny!"
- Redeemed on 90-min massage with Aliethia R
"One of the best massages I’ve ever had, would highly recommend! The best start to the new year."
- Redeemed on deep tissue massage with Ruth M

Lunar New Year gift card FAQs

The start of the holiday coincides with the date of the new moon on February 9, 2024, and continues for 15 days. The celebrations culminate with the Chinese Lantern festival on the 24th February.

Gift-giving during Lunar New Year is an art steeped in love and respect. Unlike birthdays or Christmas, these gifts carry wishes for prosperity, wealth, and happiness.

A massage gift card can make a thoughtful present to celebrate the occasion. In traditional Chinese medicine, massage is a gentle and effective way to repair your body.

Here's some of the dos and don'ts of Lunar New Year gifting, like understanding the significance of lucky and unlucky colours, numbers, and the importance of giving and receiving evenly.

Lucky (and unlucky) colours

In Asian cultures, red, gold, and yellow symbolise luck and prosperity, while black, white, or blue are avoided due to associations with death and misfortune. (Just so you know, our physical gift cards come in yellow envelopes!)

Lucky (and unlucky) numbers

Numbers hold immense significance in Asian traditions. For example, "four" is considered taboo as it sounds like the word for death, while "eight" is deemed lucky as it sounds like the word for wealth and success. Learn more about the cultural importance of numbers in gift-giving.

Think evenly

Even numbers, excluding four, are considered lucky. From the amount of money given to the number of gifts, maintaining balance is key. Discover the art of giving and receiving with cultural respect and thoughtfulness.

Embraced across various nations, Chinese New Year, often referred to as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, incorporates rich cultural elements. From the iconic 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac to the vibrant festivities lasting about two weeks, the celebration features symbolic foods, dragon dances, and the customary giving of red envelopes symbolizing good wishes and luck.

Message Ideas for Lunar New Year Cards:

  1. Traditional greetings and sayings:

    • Extend warm wishes with common phrases like "gong hei fat choy" (Cantonese) or "gong xi fa cai" (Mandarin).

    • Simplify your message with a heartfelt "Happy New Year" in Mandarin ("xin nian kuai le") or Cantonese ("san nin fai lok").

  2. Wishes for family and friends:

    • Convey sincere wishes for happiness, health, and peace, such as:

      • "Wishing you luck and happiness in the year ahead."

      • "May this new year bring you good health and good fortune."

      • "Happy New Year! May success and happiness follow you."

  3. Personalised touch for Lunar New Year wishes:

    • Add a touch of your personality to the message, infusing warmth and authenticity into your well-wishes.

  4. Wishes for work clients and colleagues:

    • In the corporate realm, express prosperity with greetings like:

      • "May this new year bring you success in your career."

      • "Wishing you great wealth and happiness in the coming year."

      • "May your business flourish and bring you joy."

Whether you partake in the festivities or extend your wishes to friends and colleagues, these unique Lunar New Year messages aim to bring a personal touch to your cards. Remember, embracing cultural traditions with genuine sentiments fosters care, kindness, and acceptance.

There are two ways you can gift someone a massage: by booking a treatment on their behalf, or with a massage gift voucher.

Massage gift vouchers have the advantage of allowing the recipient to decide which massage to have, and when and where to enjoy it.

Want to go one better in terms of convenience? Gift them an at-home massage with Urban! Just check Urban therapists cover their area by entering their address here.

With over one million treatments delivered (and counting) and an 'Excellent' rating on Trustpilot, Urban's the UK's leading massage app.

Founded in 2014 and now operating in four cities, Urban's app and website makes it easy to book massage, beauty and more at home between 7am-11pm, daily.

Just choose your treatment, select a pro and relax. Your pre-vetted mobile therapist will come to your home with a massage table, you just provide the towels.

Learn more about how Urban works here.

Yes – you’ll have 14 days to cancel your gift card payment, provided the credit hasn’t been applied to an Urban account or redeemed against treatments. If you’d like to cancel your gift card, let us know by emailing info@urban.co, quoting the 16-digit code.

No – we can only return payment to the card that purchased the gift card. 

Important: we can also only process refunds if the gift card’s credit hasn’t been redeemed to an Urban account, so hold off on entering your code if you won’t be using your gift card to book a treatment.

Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

You can use your gift card on any at-home treatment available in your local area.

Those in London can enjoy at-home massages, nails, facials, waxing, lashes and brows, plus physiotherapy, osteopathy and pregnancy treatments.

Manchester and Birmingham residents can choose from a range of specialist massages. In Paris, we also offer at-home osteopathy.