Mani & Pedi (no varnish)

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Mani & Pedi (no varnish)

Want the pampering as well as a natural look? Give your nails the care they deserve.

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Manicures and pedicures are the secret (and often not so secret) weapon of the modern man.

They're a great way to look after yourself, your skin, your nails and your hands and feet.

If you haven't already, trust us and give it a go, just one.

You'll get the full treatment – including file, shape and cuticle-work – but just with an option to finish with or without a polish.



Perfectly buffed cuticles and expertly moisturised hands and feet.

Nails neatly trimmed and shaped to suit.

Probably not the treatment for you if:

You’ve got any cuts, nail infections or lesions on your fingers or around your nails.

Athletes foot or a contagious skin disease.


During your treatment

Your nail technician is a total pro.

Your treatment will provide you with a full manicure and pedicure, starting with a shape, file, and trim, followed by some attention lavished on your oft-forgotten cuticles.

Meanwhile, you'll also get a foot soak and treatment to buff away any dry skin.

It'll finish with a very indulgent hand and foot massage to leave you feeling like a real winner.

This page describes the most common techniques for a specific type of treatment. Your practitioner will tailor your treatment to your individual needs based on their expert knowledge and experience.