Upper lip threading and tweezing

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Upper lip threading and tweezing

Thin cotton thread works to remove unwanted upper lip hair.


During your treatment

Your therapist will bring everything they need to treat you, including a table for you to lie on if you’d prefer. During your treatment, a thin roll of cotton thread will be rolled over your upper lip area, removing unwanted hairs from the root at once. Your therapist will use tweezers to gently pluck any remaining hair from the skin for a smooth finish. To finish, they may apply a soothing lotion to reduce any inflammation.


Probably not the treatment for you if

You’re feeling unwell and/or you or anyone in your household needs to self-isolate or shield.

You have recent cuts or sunburn around your lip area

You have a skin condition

Pas le soin idéal si

Vous avez des lésions ou coupures au niveau des lèvres.

Vous êtes sujette à des réactions cutanées autour de la bouche - vérifiez avant de réserver si le soin peut engendrer des réactions.