Deep cleanse facial

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Deep cleanse facial

A multi-step treatment to clear and reduce congested pores.

You want

Clear pores, fewer breakouts, refined skin tone and texture


70 minutes (including 10 minutes of set-up time)



City life leaves a trace on our skin, day in, day out – even when we’re staying home. Pollution, cell debris and stress set in and we break out, our skin looks dull and products don’t quite sink in the way they used to. Enter the deep cleanse. This hour-long treatment works to transform how your skin looks and feels by unclogging pores, balancing your pH levels and refining your skin tone. It’s the ultimate reset.


During your treatment

Your skin expert will begin by asking you a few questions about your current skincare routine and lifestyle before inviting you to lie back and relax.

Using products from a dermatologist-approved salon brand*, they’ll tailor a series of skincare modules to your specific needs (including treating and preventing blemishes) to leave your skin totally rebalanced.

*Browse individual skin expert bios to discover which professional product range(s) they carry.


Some things you might want to consider before booking:

Don’t book if you’re feeling unwell and/or you or anyone in your household needs to self-isolate or shield.

If you have extremely sensitive skin or inflamed acne, your therapist will adapt your treatment accordingly to help keep your skin calm.

If you’re pregnant, your skin expert will adapt the treatment to use pregnancy-safe products.

If you’re taking acne medication or applying it topically, your therapist will leave out any exfoliating element of the treatment and work with you to support recovery of the skin. The same applies if your skin has recently been waxed or resurfaced.

If you have open wounds or lesions on your face, neck or chest, then we’d suggest that you wait until they’ve healed before booking your facial.