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Not long 'til Valentine's Day! Sort a massage gift card in seconds >

Sort a massage gift card for V Day in seconds >

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Valentine's Day, according to London

A chance to celebrate love of all kinds, or an overly-commercial fuss? Here's what the people of London really think about the 14th of February.

Newsflash: you're probably giving a bad massage

And other Valentine's Day stats from over 4,000 Londoners, singletons and those in couples.

Most couples celebrate V-Day

V-day is still alive in London. 72% of couples celebrate Valentine's every year.

Massages are the top gift

Chocolates are out, massage is in. 63% said a massage would make a perfect night in, while only 8% said the same about sweets and chocolate.

Leave massages to the pros

Only 30% of people think their partner gives a better massage, the other 70% think they're better.

Making a gift isn't worth the effort

It's fine to buy something in. A homemade gift was the top pick of just 3% of Londoners, making it the least popular.

Food is the way to a Londoner's heart

49% say getting dinner cooked for them would make their night, 36% said it'd be even better if dinner was accompanied by a movie.

Most think they're the romantic one

Just under half of people in a relationship say they're more romantic. Fewer say it's their partner, or too close to call.

Non-celebrators think it's commercial

Over half said commercialisation was the reason they give V-Day a miss. Another 29% saying other holidays are just more important.

Couples love recharging with a massage

62% say it's their favourite form of couples' self-care. Couples also love exercising together (59%).

Solo self-care wins out

Most people, single or in a couple, prefer to practise self-care alone. And it's not a small majority either – 82% of singles and 75% of couples prefer to recharge alone.

Most aren't afraid to be honest

76% would say if they thought their partner was bad at giving massages. Best to book a professional home treatment to avoid heartbreak, though.

Gift them the perfect night in this Valentine's Day

Book a massage, or send a massage voucher for Valentine's Day. They can use it to book their choice of over 15+ styles of massage available on the Urban app, brought to their home in as little as 60 minutes.

New to Urban? Make yourself at home

Hi! We're Urban, on a mission to make city life better, one treatment at a time. We're the easy way to book professional massages, facials, osteopathy and more to your home or hotel. With 1 million bookings delivered and counting, we're the UK's leading on-demand massage app, serving London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Browse treatments, read reviews or learn how it works to get started, or download the Urban app.

More on Valentine's Day massage gifts

72% of couples celebrate Valentine's day every year
63% of people said getting a massage would make their evening

30% of people thing their partner is better at giving massages than them

3% of Londoners want a homemade Valentine's Gift

49% would love dinner cooked for them

46% say they're the more romantic one

55% say Valentine's is too commercialised

62% say massage is the best self-care

82% prefer recharging alone

76% would be honest if they thought their partner was bad at giving massages

Your massage voucher can be used on any of Urban's 15+ styles of at-home massage, including deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage, Thai massage and relaxation massage. Read more about Valentine's Day gifts here.

Deep tissue massages are powerful treatments which use strong motions to release tension and help muscles to recover. If you're not a fan of strong pressure, you might find gentler massages, like a relaxing massage, more suited to a Valentine's celebration. Gentle treatments focus less on muscle pain and more on relieving stress.

Relaxing massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage (known as an Urban classic) and other light-to-medium pressure treatments

Yes, simply purchase a gift voucher from urban.co with enough credit to book more than one treatment. The recipient will be able to redeem that credit to their Urban account and book the treatments.

No, Urban home massages don't include facials, but there are certain facial treatments available on Urban that include mini massages. Take a look at the Dermalogica ProSkin range of treatments available in the beauty section

Yes, an Urban voucher is also a beauty gift voucher, in that it can be used on any of Urban's home beauty treatments, inclusing salon-quality nails, facials, waxing, brows and lashes. If you're planning on heading out to town for Valentine's, beauty gift vouchers make a perfect last minute gift.

Yes, all Urban home beauty treatments are performed by qualified professionals, the likes of which you'd find in luxury spas and salons. Urban give cards make it easy to gift a special someone a little me time, without them needing to jump on the bus to a spa.

For full terms and conditions, see our gift voucher FAQs at the bottom of this page