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Woman getting a video physio consultation at home with a physiotherapist

Video physio consultation and treatment

Consult with a physio over two-way video to plot a path to recovery.

You've got:

Physically restriction, pain in muscles or joints, injuries

From £49

Benefits of physiotherapy

  • Consult with an HCPC-registered physiotherapist over two-way video.

  • They’ll check over problem areas affected by injury or chronic conditions, mapping out a plan of exercises and lifestyle tweaks to restore your strength and mobility.

Recover with a pro

Physiotherapy is the science of restoring movement and function to parts of the body and mapping out a plan to keep issues away. For injury rehabilitation, sports preparation, post-operative care and more, time with a physio is immensely valuable and a key part of recovery.

Urban physiotherapists are all fully registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). That means they’ve got a three- or four-year degree programme under their belt, and a minimum of a thousand hours of clinical training. You’re in good hands.

Some are also specialists in areas such as women’s health (pre- and post-natal care), neurological disorders and paediatrics – browse individual bios before you book to find the right physio for you.

During your treatment

Your physio will ask you questions and direct you via two-way video call, starting with an assessment of your physical condition. They’ll ask you to perform movements to get a feel for your range of motion in problem areas while they establish how best to help.

Depending on how long your assessment takes, your physio may run through some exercises and stretches with you to help strengthen and free up problem areas. They’ll leave you with an understanding of the causes of any pain or discomfort and a plan for recovery, normally consisting of a routine of daily stretches and exercises. They’ll give you a timeline for seeing improvements, too.

Probably not the treatment for you if:

You want an in-person session.

You’ve got poor internet connection – you’ll need reliable wifi to communicate with your physio clearly.

You’re pregnant – not all Urban physiotherapists are specialists in pre- and post-natal treatments. Look for ‘women’s health’ in individual bios before booking, and ensure you are past the first trimester

Booking for someone under 18

If you’re booking on behalf of a child under the age of 18, please ensure your chosen physiotherapist list paediatrics as a specialism in their bio. An adult will need to be present at the video consultation and during any follow-up sessions.

More info on video physiotherapy

You’re likely to be guided through stretches and motions as part of your session, so you’re best off wearing light, breathable clothing - a t-shirt and leggings or shorts is fine.

Physiotherapy can help with a number of musculoskeletal conditions, from injuries, like a torn achilles’ tendon or sprain, to problems linked to past and ongoing health conditions, like fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

That’s normally up to your physio after they’ve given you an initial assessment. As part of that first consultation, they’ll map out a plan for your recovery, with a suggested number of consultations over a longer period.

Yes, but only after your first trimester and only with an Urban physio who specialises in womens’ health – check your physio’s bio to see their specialisations.