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Therapist giving a massage tailored to cancer patients

Oncology massage in London

Book a mobile massage therapist to your home in London for support with the emotional and physical effects of cancer treatment.

Not-for-profit treatment

Benefits of oncology massage London

  • A home visit from a qualified London massage therapist

  • A soothing massage to ease muscle tension and help you relax

  • Support with the mental and physical effects of cancer therapy

  • Personalised care for your particular circumstances and symptoms

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Our oncology massage, which is given by therapists with specialised training, is entirely personalised for you. Your therapist will work to accommodate your particular needs at your stage – and after – cancer treatment.

Your massage therapist can focus on reducing stiffness, anxiety, poor sleep, and painful muscles.

What happens during an oncology massage?

To help customise the treatment for you, your therapist will begin by asking you a few questions. They can give you a full-body massage or just concentrate on the area of your body that needs it. They'll use light to moderate pressure but you can ask them to adjust it at any time.

The most essential thing is your well-being, so don't be afraid to express any worries or requests you may have.

All Urban oncology massage therapists have received specialised training from reputable schools and are covered by insurance. You're in capable hands.

Not-for-profit treatment

The treatment fee will cover your therapist's time and travel, but Urban won't take a cut.

More info on oncology massage London

Urban operates across London on both sides of the Thames. To find a therapist qualified in oncology massage, enter your postcode here.

Oncology massages are not a substitute for cancer treatment; rather, they are a complementary therapy.

Massage therapy has been shown to ease the muscular pain frequently brought on by cancer treatment. It may also help with anxiety reduction and fatigue reduction.

No, we advise you to delay getting a massage for at least 24 hours after receiving chemotherapy. Additionally, if your doctor has prescribed steroids, make sure it's okay with them first.