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Drips & diagnostics in 

We’ve partnered with Get A Drip, the UK's leading vitamin drip provider, to bring their services to your doorstep. Book blood testing, IV drips, vitamin boosters, DNA testing, and compression therapy, all provided by NMC-registered nurses. ✓ From £50 ✓ Call-out fee included ✓ Open 7am-11pm ✓ Same-day appointments

Get A Drip in the comfort of your home in London and Birmingham

Get A Drip, Powered by Urban

As the UK’s leading vitamin drip provider, Get A Drip’s goal is to make optimum nutrition accessible to everyone. They’ve joined Urban to bring their services straight to your living room, provided by NMC-registered nurses.

How it works


Choose your treatment

Browse over 30 at-home services including vitamin drips and boosters, blood and DNA testing and compression therapy.


Fill out a medical questionnaire

Book a consultation if it's your first drip or vitamin injection. For other appointments your nurse will call you to go over your medical details.


Relax, they'll come to you

Book Get A Drip to your home or hotel, any time from 7am-11pm daily, with same-day bookings available.

Compression Therapy FAQs

Gives your body a boost – Compression Therapy increases circulation and helps you maintain your full range of motion, leaving you fresh and limber.

Unlocks your next level – Give yourself the competitive advantage of recovery compression boots, and warm up faster, so you are always ready to give it your all.

Conquers sore muscles – Compression Therapy is said to help with lymphatic drainage, and decrease pain and soreness so you never have to let DOMS cramp your style.

The Normatec device uses a technology called Sequential Pulse Pneumatic Waveform, which combines three different massage techniques: pulsing compression, gradients, and distal release. These techniques help improve circulation in your body, so you can train harder, recover quicker, and perform better.

Get A Drip requires all customers to complete a comprehensive medical questionnaire, including their medical history, before proceeding with a drip or booster shot. They do not offer any products to individuals who are known to have contra-indications to their ingredients.

For at-home services booked via Urban, a Get A Drip nurse will call you after booking to run through this medical assessment. 

For more information about Get A Drip’s services, head to the FAQ section of their website.