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Man at home, with freshly waxed eyebrows

Men's eyebrow wax

Tame and frame your face, fast – no tweezers necessary.

Hot wax

From £24

During your treatment

Your wax expert is a total pro. They’ll take some time before the treatment to discuss the look you’re after, then they’ll prep your skin.

They’ll apply warm or hot wax carefully to your brows, then remove it in quick, clean motions – they’ll use strips if they’re working with warm wax, or simply remove the wax itself if they’re using hot wax.

To finish the treatment, a soothing post-wax lotion will be applied to reduce any redness or inflammation.

Good to know

Some therapists carry a treatment table with them and they’ll need at least 2x2m of floor space to set it up. Others prefer to set up using the furniture in your home. Check your therapist's bio when booking to find a pro that matches your preferences.

Probably not the treatment for you if:

You have recent cuts, sunburn or bruising around your bikini line or an infection.

You prefer to leave a little bit more hair left behind – check out our bikini wax option instead.