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60-minute Dermalogica facial

We’re proud to partner with world-leading skincare brand Dermalogica to bring their top-of-the-range ProSkin60 treatment directly to your home.

You want

Healthy, glowing skin; a custom experience; premium products

Our recommendation

When it comes to booking a facial, you’ll often find yourself having to choose something that’s super-indulgent, or something that’s super-technical. We say: why not have both?

Dermalogica’s world-famous ProSkin60 treatment combines dermatologist-approved products and the expertise of a Dermalogica-trained technician for a completely customised experience. It’s the ultimate journey to your healthiest-looking skin.

During your treatment

Your Dermalogica ProSkin60 treatment is completely custom to you, so it’ll vary from person to person. However, every ProSkin60 treatment starts with a Double Cleanse, to deep-clean your skin, and ends with Dermal Layering, where your skin will be prepared with products that should be left on after the facial has ended (it’ll also leave you with that classic Dermalogica glow!)

Your skin expert will carry out six separate skincare modules to help you achieve the results you want; whether it’s tackling dull skin, treating breakouts or fighting the signs of premature aging.

For your treatment, your skin expert will need to have access to warm water. You’ll also need to supply two small, clean towels.

Some things you might want to consider before booking:

If you have extremely sensitive skin, your therapist will adapt your treatment accordingly to support and calm the skin.

Likewise, if you have active, inflamed acne, your therapist will choose suitable advanced products to target breakouts and promote healing.

If you’re taking acne medication, or applying it topically, your therapist will leave out the resurfacing element of the treatment, and work with you to manage any side effects of your medication to support recovery of the skin. The same applies if your skin has recently been waxed or resurfaced.

If you have open wounds or lesions on your face, neck or chest, then we’d suggest that you wait until they’ve healed before booking your facial.

If you are pregnant, please advise your therapist so they can adapt the treatment accordingly with pregnancy-safe products, or book our Pregnancy glow facial instead