Why we exist(& where we're going)

We're on a mission to inspire people to take time for wellness

Disrupting the business of wellness

In 2014, Jack Tang and Giles Williams founded Urban with the intention of starting a massage-at-home service. However, what started as a way to book wellness online become much more. Jack and Giles discovered an industry that was broken: practitioners typically took home only 20% of booking revenue and worked long hours to make ends meet. Meanwhile, customers had little other than a salon’s reputation to go off of before making a booking with a specific practitioner.

Since then, the duo envisioned a platform that would benefit practitioners and customers alike. On Urban, practitioners take home 72% of bookings. And customers are able to choose between trusted, pre-vetted practitioners, thanks to detailed profiles with personal bios, ratings and reviews.

Inspiring wellness, empowering people

As we’ve grown, we’ve talked about the impact of wellness with our employees, our customers, and the practitioner community. A clear theme has always rung true: when you prioritise wellness, you do better. You’re more energetic. Confident. Relaxed. It’s different for everyone. For some, a massage does the trick. Others, a walk outside. And yet, it’s not easy to prioritise wellness. We face endless notifications, long hours, and pressure to always be productive.

Our mission is to empower people to put wellness first. And really, to promote those feelings of confidence, relaxation and ambition that empower you to do everything else.

Looking ahead

In the years between founding and now, we have added new treatments in the form of facials, nails, and osteopathy. We’ve partnered with brands like Dermalogica, Aveda, and Neom to offer trusted services at home. And we’re just getting started. We envision a world where it’s easy for anyone to fit what makes them feel well into their life. With that in mind, we’re adding new services and expanding to more cities. We’ve added a corporate arm to help people fit in wellness at work. It’s all part of our ultimate goal: to help our partner-practitioners and customers feel more confident, relaxed, energetic, and empowered. That is the power of well.

We’re proud to be backed by institutional investors, as well as the Urban community in the form of a Seedrs crowdfund. To date, we’ve raised $21M, empowering us to build the teams and tech to achieve our mission.

Our investors