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Spotlight on: Alice Croeser, pregnancy massage specialist

Massage table set up for specialist pregnancy massage

When it comes to pregnancy massage, only expert takes will do. So we ran a few questions by Urban therapist Alice Croeser about pregnancy treatments and her very own pregnancy pillow brand, Bebebumpbag

What is a pregnancy massage?

A pregnancy massage is a full-body treatment (with the tummy being optional) tailored to your needs. Pregnancy massages are usually performed with you lying on your side. Therapists use long, slow strokes and kneading movements to work out tension, with special attention being paid to your lower back and legs.

You’ll find both prenatal and postnatal massage on Urban, ready to book if you’re in your second or third trimester or if you’ve recently given birth. All pregnancy massages are performed by therapists who’ve undergone specific training and know their stuff (we’ve checked).  

What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massage is an effective way to soothe the kinds of aches and pains that come with growing new life, and it’s a great way to ease worries and stress. 

What are the benefits of a pregnancy facial? 

On top of being wonderfully relaxing, pregnancy facials can help you manage changes to your skin that can happen during pregnancy, including breakouts and hyperpigmentation. Facialists only work with pregnancy-safe chemicals throughout.

Tell us about your therapy pillow brand and why you decided to start it?

Bebebumpbag was founded by my interest in therapy and wanting to help improve my clients’ sleep, posture and thereby reduce pain. There’s no question people’s sleep and posture have suffered during the pandemic. A recent study shows that one in four people now struggle with insomnia, and chiropractors are reporting more head and neck strain as people spend more time at home staring at screens. 

During lockdown I looked at creating a pregnancy support pillow with footrest, so people could lie on their fronts during treatments for some extra relief and comfort. The name is derived from the bean bag style pillow with a cavity for a bump!

What is the Bebebumpbag comfort cushion and how does it help with pregnancy massage?

It’s a massage support pillow big enough to support the upper body with moldable cushioning. My clients absolutely love it, and when they turn over for the front of body treatment their body is cocooned by the pillow as they recline backwards. 

I also developed a home use 3-D cylindrical body support pillow with a variety of textured wraps, which are fantastic to use everywhere! On the sofa, as a passenger in the car on long trips. It’s helpful for aligning the spine in a side lying position, reducing pressure and tension on your joints, neck, back, and pelvis. Health care practitioners highly recommend it, too. 

 "The Bebebumpbag lumbar support pillow is a fantastic pillow to provide support to the whole body but particularly the pelvis and lower back. It can be useful at any stage of life, however I often recommend it to my pregnant clients, especially for getting a good night's sleep. It comes in a practical storage bag, is easy to assemble and has a lovely soft cover that wouldn’t make you overheat if you're using it overnight. Thank you for making such a great product Alice, I’ll continue to keep recommending it!" - Rosie Mae, Bristol based Physiotherapist.