Russian Volume – 2D-3D full set

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Russian Volume – 2D-3D full set

Soft and fluffy volume, created by adding fans of two to three synthetic extensions to each of your natural lashes.


Consultation; Tailoring to your natural lashes and eye shape; Aftercare advice

You want

Soft volume; Your natural lashes, amplified; Results that last



Russian Volume-style lashes are semi-permanent extensions placed individually onto each natural lash. Because they’re finer than standard lash extensions, there’s room for more of them – each extension turns one lash into two or three lashes.



Everyday glamour, that lasts for three to five weeks

Soft, lightweight, fluttery lashes

Your natural lash length and thickness, amplified

Probably not the treatment for you if

You’re feeling unwell and/or you or anyone in your household needs to self-isolate or shield.

You're pregnant.

You want fewer extensions per lash – try our half or full sets of individual lashes instead

You’re looking for all out glam – try our Russian Volume 4D-6D option instead

If you haven’t had eyelash extensions in over a year or a lash glue patch test at least 24 hours before your appointment, you will need to sign a disclaimer at the time of treatment saying you understand the risk of allergic reaction.

You have an eye infection, or you’ve had an allergic reaction to an eyelash treatment in the past.


During your treatment

Your Lash Expert is a total pro. They’ll begin by placing protective pads on your lower lashes and then preparing your upper lashes with a special cleanser.

Next, with your eyes closed, they’ll use a specialist glue to carefully attach individual fans of two to three extensions to every lash along your upper lash line. They’ll tailor the curve, thickness and length to keep things looking full and natural.