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The London pregnancy workout everyone's talking about

A mum works out on a yoga mat in a gym gear with her baby, both are smiling at the camera

Main image credit: @mum_hood

MumHood: the myth-busting workout

Pre-natal workouts are often avoided, even by women who exercise regularly, as they fear they may do more harm than good. However contrary to popular belief, working out when pregnant can actually offer many benefits, including reducing back pain, bloating and stress as well as promoting an overall sense of wellbeing. Pip Black and Joan Murphy, founders of Frame gym studios in London, are two women focused on changing how women feel about pregnancy fitness. So they created the pregnancy workout programme MumHood, and it’s got everyone talking. Joan is also a massive Urban fan and used it regularly throughout her recent pregnancy.

A pregnancy massage is great when you need to unwind and relax but sometimes when you’re a mum-to-be you still want to move and break a sweat. That’s where MumHood steps in. Offering both pre and post-natal fitness classes, if you want to workout before your bundle of joy comes into the world try their baby yoga or a pelvic floor workshop. Once your child has arrived, keep your body in great shape with their post-natal pilates and personal training sessions, where you can bring your baby into the classes with you.

Online pregnancy workout class

MumHood also provide online programmes, so if you can’t make it down to a studio you can still experience the tailored workout plans from the comfort of your own home. Split into trimester sessions these 30 minutes videos will equip you with all the information you need to workout safely and effectively. All moves have been signed off by a team of doctors and physios but be sure to stop at any point if things become uncomfortable or you feel too tired to continue.

Follow your workout with pregnancy massage

For the ultimate experience at home, start with a fresh juice smoothie and one of MumHood’s online classes. We're fans of the pilates-barre videos that require a resistance band. These exercises will help to work your body to its full potential and strengthen it ready for labour.

Once you’ve worked out and enjoyed a healthy lunch, it’s time for a mobile massage. Not only will a post workout pregnancy massage help relieve any aches and pains, the soothing treatment may also help to keep any baby-related anxiety at bay.