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Pregnancy massage: Is it safe? 5 myths debunked

Pregnant client is smiling as she receives a relaxing head massage

A great body massage isn’t a no-go just because you’re pregnant. In fact, a masseuse is you and your baby’s new BFF.

Feeling more cautious than usual? That’ll be your baby. There’s something about being pregnant that makes you want to double and triple check everything. But nothing should get in the way of a good body massage, especially now yours is working twice as hard for two. And you can relax because not only is pregnancy massage safe, it’s great for your baby.

Over to trained masseuse Carmen to allay the most common fears about pregnancy massage…

1. Pregnancy massage is bad for the baby, right?

On the contrary. ‘Babies really benefit from pregnancy massage’ says Carmen. ‘The endorphins you release getting a body massage are passed onto your baby.’ So two of you are get the feel-good high. Regular pregnancy massage relaxes the baby and aids sleep, too.

2. So body massage while pregnant is safe. But what will it actually do?

Pregnancy massage is great for your health. ‘Stimulated circulation from a body massage distributes essential nutrients to all your vital organs,’ says Carmen. ‘Especially that all important placenta.’ What’s more, the expert kneading of a masseuse encourages the release of oxytocin – the pain-reducing hormone you’ll find handy in a few months.

3. Does pregnancy massage have an affect on the birth?

Feeling more in control of your movements helps when it gets to your big day, says Carmen. ‘And regular body massage while pregnant can make you more aware of your body. This will increase your ability to relax during the first stage of labour,’ she says. And the first stage going well often results in a shorter and easier birth, she says. Who doesn’t want that?

4. Ok, but pregnancy massage won’t have any affect on my mood...

Like any other form of holistic massage, the movements your masseuse employs during a body massage, and the endorphins released, will have a calming effect, says Carmen. These will filter through to relax you not just in body but also mind.

5. Are body massage oils safe during pregnancy massage?

Your masseuse will turn to almond or grapeseed oil, says Carmen. But if they’re a trained aromatherapist then they might also use essential oils such as lavender, camomile or ylang ylang – the heroes that can help ease anxiety and improve your sleep. Yes please to that...

You should always seek the advice of a qualified medical or health service provider before proceeding with any medical, fitness, or wellness treatment, program or product.