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Massage for all mothers

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Whether you’re a mum, mama-to-be, or hoping to conceive, massage can be a great way to relax, reduce tension and even relieve pain.

Below we have broken down pregnancy into three different stages, before, during, and after, and explained how you can use massage as an aid throughout your path from conception to motherhood.


Every woman’s conception journey is different. For some, trying for a baby can be stressful, especially if it’s compounded with the other pressures of everyday life. Long-term stress can impact your ability to conceive by affecting when you ovulate. It’s worth addressing your stress levels if you haven’t considered them yet.

Massage isn’t a proven way to boost fertility, but it really can help you relax. In turn, it could help your body regulate and rebalance your hormone production, leading to a drop in stress levels. Before booking a massage, you must be certain that you are not yet pregnant because the first trimester poses the largest amount of risk.

If you’re unsure if you are pregnant or not, we recommend a reflexology treatment. Your therapist will be able to target specific area of the body through massaging only your feet - which is completely safe throughout pregnancy.


Prenatal massage has been practiced for thousands of years, helping mothers-to-be alleviate anxiety, neck and back pain and disrupted sleep patterns.

As your baby develops and grows you might find that you start to experience pain in your lower back, weight bearing joints and the surrounding muscles. Pregnancy massage will not only help to ease these aches and pains, but it will also give the mama-to-be a calm, safe space to practice their deep breathing techniques that they’ll use in labour.

On our platform this treatment is only performed by advanced therapists who understand the specific physiology of pregnant women. The massage is performed with you lying on one side to avoid putting pressure on the spine, meaning your umbilical vein is unobstructed.


You brought life into this world! What an incredible feat.

Your body undertook the most stressful but empowering experience, and for that it should be celebrated and rested. However, being a mum means you’re more than likely carrying your baby in one arm and balancing the rest of your life in the other. As they grow you’ll also start carrying them on your hip for the next couple of years too.

This stress on your musculoskeletal system often lends itself to hip, back and shoulder pain, as well as having a detrimental effect on your posture. A deep tissue massage would be the perfect pick to release tension through the targeting of pressure points in affected areas.

As well as the pressure on your body, your mind also needs some much-needed R&R. Feeling worn out and overwhelmed is totally normal, but still doesn’t mean it should be endured! We recommend our Relaxing or Urban Classic massage to de-stress and unwind (even if it’s only for an hour after baby’s gone to bed or during nap time).

Mum’s who’ve been there, done that

Mums see it all. They’ve wiped your tears, dropped you off for your first day of school, watched you graduate, and maybe even been there when you’ve had your own babies.

Giving her an Urban gift card or booking her a massage yourself can be a perfect way to show her your appreciation. If she’s a sporty mum, then a Sports or Deep Tissue massage would be perfect.