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CND™ Shellac manicure

A long-lasting manicure using the famous CND Shellac polish.


File, shape, cuticle work, Shellac polish

What makes it special

An indulgent hand massage


  • A slick set of long-lasting manicured nails, using the famous Shellac polish by CND

  • Perfectly buffed cuticles; expertly moisturised hands

  • Nails trimmed and shaped to suit your look

During your treatment

Your treatment will be the full manicure experience you’d expect; a shape, file, and trim, followed by some attention lavished on your oft-forgotten cuticles.

After you select your colour, your nail pro will get to work by expertly applying a trademark shellac polish on your nails, drying each layer under a UV lamp to ensure they’re ready to take on whatever you have to handle.

Remember, if you already have shellac or gel polish on your nails, you’ll need to book a soak-off treatment to professionally remove it before your next manicure.

Other add-ons

Fancy French tips or nail art? If your nail pro offers them (check their bio before booking), you can ask to add them at the start of your treatment for an additional fee of £14 for french tips or £23 for gel nail art.

They’ll let you know how much time it’ll take and (if you’re happy) add the charge to your booking. Please note they may not be able to accommodate extras if they have back-to-back bookings.

Probably not the treatment for you if:

You want a classic manicure – Shellac can last for up to two weeks.

You’ve got any cuts, infections or lesions on your fingers or around your nails.