Six surprising ways 2020 life affects your whole body


Trying to get into the ‘new normal’, but still don’t feel right? You’re not alone. Life post-lockdown is still far from normal for many of us. Here’s how it could be affecting your whole body.

Problem: Mental strain

Why now? The background worries of a global pandemic are exhausting. That’s because when we face psychological stress, our bodies go into fight or flight mode – our heart rate increases and we feel energised and alert – keeping that up uses a lot of energy.

Urban mindfulness experts say: Schedule a ‘worry window’ and stick to it: 10 minutes each day to write down everything you’re concerned about, big and small. That way, when worries creep in at other times, you can mentally postpone them for later. Of course, if you feel your mood or anxiety levels or are getting worse, seek professional help.

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Problem: Breakouts and skin irritation

Why now? Wearing a mask for long periods of time can chafe the skin and create a humid, sticky environment.

Urban skin experts say: Cleanse your skin just before you put your freshly washed mask on. A soap-free formulation is best, followed by an oil-free moisturiser for extra protection. Hold off on applying medicated products like tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide which can irritate under fabric.

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Problem: Hair that’s become hard work

Why now? 2020 has been a good time to experiment with ditching shampoo and growing out old styles, but it can totally change how your hair behaves.

Urban hair stylists say: If your hair feels greasy at the roots but dry at the ends or lacks volume then it’s time for a haircut. You can also help by taking a break from heat tools and using a clarifying shampoo and moisturising mask once a week.

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Problem: Soreness and tension

Why now? It could be a new desk (or kitchen table), or perhaps it’s your body ‘speaking’ underlying stress.
Try this: Urban physios and osteopaths can help treat the pain, work out what’s causing it, and make a plan to keep it away. Regular massage can also help with ongoing soreness.

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Problem: Dryness and chipped nails from extra hand washing

Why now? We love hand sanitiser for keeping us safe, not so much for smelling like vodka and turning our hands to prunes.
Try this: Our luxury manicures soak, exfoliate, massage and moisturise the dryness away to help restore skin and cuticle health.

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Problem: Tired, achy feet

Why now? Whether you’ve been pulling extra hours to cover for team members or you’ve started a new fitness regime, your feet will be the first to know.
Try this: Schedule a foot massage for 30 minutes after you get home and discover new meaning to putting your feet up.

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