How to integrate mindfulness into your daily routine


Working from home requires structure, self-control and discipline. We speak to Urban Business practitioner Erika about how practicing mindfulness consistently can help us build up discipline.

When we’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious during these challenging times, mindfulness can help us to take a step back and consider things in a calmer, more objective way. It enables us to make more informed and wiser decisions about our actions and our lives in general.

Benefits of mindfulness

Mindfulness can help us not only to sleep better and reduce stress, but also to improve our concentration and memory. It can also improve immune system functionality – all contributing to a deeper knowledge of self and sense of physical and mental wellbeing.

How to work mindfully at home

Create a separate office space that is only dedicated to work. Keep it neat, tidy, and clutter-free, clearing away at the end of each day.

It’s important to create structure when working from home. Start your mornings by scheduling out your day. Include what time you will start and finish work, mealtimes, exercise or outdoor time and relaxation time – and stick to it!

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Mindful practices can be integrated into many of our daily routines. Try the following:

Breath observation

A very simple yet highly effective practice in which we sit and observe the breath. As thoughts, emotions or sensations arise, we revert focus back to the breath. As we sit for longer periods of time, we will find the pace of arising thoughts slow down. This practice can feel more challenging at times – which is a good indicator of our stress levels, amongst other things.

Thought observation

This practice allows us to notice and observe our thoughts. As we let thoughts enter the mind, we also let them go with an exhale, keeping the steady anchor of the breath. We take our time to notice the quality of our thoughts – without judgement or attachment.

Mindful eating

As we eat, we focus on each sensation that arises – the flavour of food, the texture, the coolness or warmth of it. This practice enables us to be wholeheartedly present to the experience in the moment, rather than caught up in thoughts about the past and future. It can be translated to any experience – such as being mindful of our footsteps as we take our daily walk, or even of drinking a cup of tea. It allows us to be fully present to experience each moment in our day, as it arises.

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Minimising the use of technology

Our constant connection with technology increases our levels of anxiety. Set boundaries on when you plan to check the news, how much TV you will watch and how much time you will spend on social media each day. Try and replace that time with something that nurtures you more, such as gardening, art, listening to music, reading or meditating.

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