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58 Lifestyle was founded by marketing expert Michal Cohen-Sagi. Having previously worked within global companies Microsoft and MSN, Michal stepped away from corporate life to start a supportive, business environment for professional practitioners offering the best wellbeing solutions in London, 2007. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, Michal went from therapist to therapist resulting in a total transformation of mind, body and soul. With every appointment, she discovered there was another area of her life that needed attention learning that the more wellbeing becomes part of your lifestyle, the easier it is to keep and maintain balance.

58 Lifestyle products offer a core extension of this belief that wellbeing should be applied to all areas of your life. At 58 Lifestyle the focus is on a 360o approach to health, beauty and wellbeing. The pressures of modern, fast-paced lifestyles we all have come to know, are key drivers that affect our skin’s sensitivity and overall appearance. In a world stuck in fast forward lifestyles, filled with synthetic living and instant gratification, 58 Lifestyle offers a purer, natural solution which is both sustainable and nourishing for the body and soul.


58 Lifestyle’s balancing blend contains top notes of Green Mandarin, Jasmine, Geranium, Coriander and Ylang Ylang. The selection of natural ingredients has been carefully curated to recreate the harmony and wellbeing offered within the environment at 58 Wellbeing Centre and are able to protect, tone and brighten skin without the addition of man-made chemicals. The bright, refreshing top notes give the blend a fresh, optimistic scent, which helps to bring about clarity enabling us to feel balanced and harmonised.


Handcrafted in London from a carefully selected blend of aromatic oils and the finest pure ingredients, 58 Lifestyle’s range of skincare, body products, room fragrances and candles have been formulated to balance mind, body and soul. With a belief that nature can provide us with everything needed to nourish and support one’s wellbeing, the consciously crafted blends are organic wherever possible, free from parabens, sulphates and harsh additives.

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