Six small joys of working from home


Let’s look on the bright side of post-2020 life. Working from home has some major perks:

 1) More time in the morning

Make your favourite breakfast rather than grabbing the quick and boring option. Slowly savour your coffee while journaling in bed. Or maybe enjoy a few pages of your new book without being disturbed by a tube full of chatty commuters. It’s all to play for in those extra few wee hours. 

2) A tailored working environment 

Working from home means you have full control of everything around you – from sound to temperature to lighting, which can all massively affect your productivity. So set a temperature that helps you stay in the zone, and if music helps you focus, crank it!

massage on lunch break

3) Using your lunch break for some well-earned me-time

What is a lunch break if not me-time in its rawest form? Lunch breaks at home go perfectly with Urban treatments. We recommend an energising massage if you’re looking for something to awaken your body and mind.

woman petting dog

4) Quality time with your pets

WFH is anything but lonely if you have a furry friend around. Petting animals has been proven to lower blood pressure, aid relaxation and stress relief so be sure to get plenty of cuddles in – your pet will thank you for it too.

5) Extra time to do house chores

There’s nothing worse than getting home after a long day at work to a to-do list full of overhanging chores. WFH lunch and coffee breaks give you the chance to put that load of laundry on or unload the dishwasher so that you can focus on the important things in the evening.

working from home

6) No missed parcels

Okay, it might be awkward at times having to interrupt the zoom meeting to answer the door, but that’s all forgotten when you know you don’t have to spend your evening sorting out a time for your parcel to be re-delivered. 

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