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Updated 17:00, 18/08/2020

We’re back!

We’re delighted to say all of our at-home services are now back open with new safety measures.

Read our full official risk assessment here in line with government guidelines >

Steps we’re taking to keep you safe:

Your Urban pro is now trained in COVID-19 safety

They’re clued up on transmission, prevention and the best hygiene practices.

They’ll wear a mask and visor 

You’ll also need to wear a face covering except in a few situations – scroll down for details.

Well to work or book

Urban pros won’t work if they or anyone in their household needs to self-isolate – we’re asking the same of you when booking.

We’ve suspended couple’s bookings

You can only book one Urban pro to your home at a time – that means no couple’s massages or group beauty treatments.


We need your help:

Wear a face covering 

You’ll need to wear one from the moment you answer the door for all services with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, your pro won’t be able to provide one for you so make sure you have one to hand before booking.

You can take your face covering off during certain treatments 

Your pro will let you know when you can take it off if needed, for example during facial treatments and barbering, fitness and yoga sessions or when you’re lying face-down during a massage. Just make sure you’re wearing one when they arrive.

Let your pro know if you’re exempt

If you have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering, please let your pro know by direct messaging them through the app before your booking. 

Shower and/or wash your hands

Please wash your hands thoroughly before all treatments. We recommend showering before massage treatments generally as it’s a lovely way to warm the muscles up, and now acts as an extra safety step

Prepare the space and let fresh air in

If your treatment uses a table, clear 2x2m of floor space ahead of time to help your pro avoid contact with surfaces in your home. If you can, open a window to let fresh air flow through the room before and during your session.

Head outside if you can

If it’s warm enough and you have a suitable outdoor area, you’re welcome to set up a treatment space outside for any service.

For fitness and yoga sessions, we strongly recommend heading outdoors. Direct message your pro via the app after booking to agree on a place to meet, whether that’s your garden or a local park/public outdoor space.

Book professionals who live near you

They’ll appear at the top of your search list, reducing their travel distance.

Don’t book if you or anyone in your household is self-isolating

Please cancel your booking or hold off on booking according to the NHS’s self-isolation guidelines. That could mean avoiding treatments for at least seven days from the first day of suspicious symptoms if you live alone, or for 14+ days if you live with other people. It also means not booking after travelling to any countries that require self-isolation on return. We also kindly ask that other members of your household maintain social distance if they interact with your Urban pro.

Reschedule easily in the Urban app if you need to

Just use in-app chat to let our Customer Support team know and we’ll apply our Covid-19 cancellation policy which means you won’t be charged for cancelling up until two hours before your booking.

Questions? Message your pro directly 

Once you’ve booked, you can direct message your pro through the Urban app at any time. You can send them any last-minute queries, or just use it to introduce yourself and reassure them you’re following all the safety guidelines.

Thank you for your trust and support

We wouldn’t be here without your ongoing support and trust in our processes and people. We’re so grateful.

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