Why you should join your local five-a-side league


Whether having a kickabout with your mates brings back great memories or if you’ve never been big on football but would love to try it, joining your local five-a-side team is a great idea. We’ve spoken about the benefits of group fitness before, but football in particular can be good for both your physical and mental health. Let us explain why:

It will work on your team building skills

Co-operating with four other people you don’t know will undoubtedly improve your team building skills. By exercising together with others you can learn to play to your strengths while also helping others improve on their weakness, two skills you can carry through into many other areas of your life.

It can help with your mental health

For men in particular, having opportunities to externalise tension and express emotion can often be hard to come by. Football offers a release for these feelings in a safe and natural way, as well as helping to form new friendships and build camaraderie, all of which are important in maintaining good mental health.

It will encourage you to get more massages

We’ve already told you why footballers love massage, and if you join a team and start playing regularly you’ll realise you love them too. Even if you don’t get any injuries while you’re on the pitch, getting massaged after an intense match will leave you feel rejuvenated and will help your body recover quicker.

It can increase your fitness levels

Five-a-side teams usually meet at least once or twice a week, so you’ll end up exercising for fun without even realising it. Over time you should see an improvement in your stamina, agility, speed, flexibility and overall fitness levels. Regular stretching before and after matches can help with muscle health and posture too.

It will give you focus

If you know you have a team that’s counting on you, you’ll be less inclined to cancel on a training session, reach for that second pork pie or agree to another round of drinks at the pub. This accountability will help discipline you. You may become more focused on your health goals and your team could even encourage you to make healthier life choices.

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