What’s it really like to get a couples massage?


Effleurage, essential oils and a potentially awkward atmosphere: when it comes to getting a couples massage, sometimes it’s not all romance and relaxation. So why do it together?

Why get a couples massage?

“Couples use mobile massage as a way to bond and experience something together. It relaxes them both and allows them both to be in a similar head space,” says Francesca, London-based massage therapist. “Most couples book a massage to unwind after a long week and start a lazy, intimate weekend together.” Sounds like a good alternative to having a few too many post-work drinks.

What happens when you get a couples treatment?

“Each client has one therapist, usually on neighbouring massage beds. The treatment starts and ends at the same time but the therapists tailor the massage to the individual client.” Translation: if he’s got a tight lower back, but you’re suffering from pain in your shoulders, then you probably won’t be massaged completely in sync.

How to prepare for your mobile massage for two?

As with any massage, drink plenty of water and don’t do anything too strenuous afterwards. You may want to set a couple of ground rules before booking in for a couples massage.

For example, decide if you want to talk or zone out. “Having someone other than your therapist there during your treatment is distracting in itself (especially if they’re making appreciative noises). Make sure you set out expectations before you lie down,” says Francesca.

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