How is technology affecting your posture?


From checking Instagram before we’ve brushed our teeth, to work emails over cereal, technology has become an unavoidable part of our daily lives. We conducted a survey to discover what effect our technology usage is having on our posture and here are the results:

So what can I do about it?

So how can we stop technology from turning us into a slouch? Here are our five top tips for good tech health:

  1. Get an ergonomic workplace assessment. You’ll easily be able to to see if there’s any adjustments to your desk and chair your employer can make to keep things comfortable for you.
  2. If possible try using two screens. Working between a laptop and a tablet for example means you’ll have to switch up your posture, which will hopefully stop your muscles from becoming too tense for too long
  3. Be sure to take rest and short breaks away from your desk. Moving between standing and sitting will really help to stop your body from tightening up
  4. If you carry your laptop or tablet to work, invest a good backpack. A sturdy bag will balance the load on your back, making unwanted shoulder pain on your morning commute a thing of the past
  5. Get a Deep Tissue, Thai or even Urban Classic massage. A therapist will be able to evaluate the impact of bad posture and give you some personal recommendations, not to mention, relieve any tension you’re carrying around!

Plus, if you’re struggling from pain due to bad posture, read our articles on how massage may be able to help with back or neck pain.

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