Spotlight on: Massimiliano Gritti, Bombinate co-founder


It might not surprise you to learn that Massimiliano Gritti thinks carefully about his daily routines.  As co-founder of Bombinate, the marketplace for quality artisan brands, his is a life curated. We caught up with him to chat all things wellness. 

What inspired you to found Bombinate?

Back in 2016, my co-founder Elliott Perales and I embarked on a 50-day charity rally along the Silk Road, from our motherland Switzerland all the way to Mongolia. Journeying through 15 countries, we got inspired by the amazing craftsmanship we’d see every day in local markets. We decided to create something focused on what quality meant today in our part of the world.

After that life-changing experience, we embarked on our mission to build a home for some of the finest craftsmanship brands in the world, celebrating their talent and making them available to an audience that had been looking for them.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness is not a state we reach, it’s a way of life for me. Being the founder and Creative Director of Bombinate is both exciting and demanding, so from the early days I made sure to dedicate some time to my mental and physical health.

What are the highlights of your weekly wellness regime?

I start most days with a run or a HIIT class. I found that exercise is essential for strengthening my focus and building willpower. Breakfast is always an açai bowl, easy to prepare and ready within minutes. Staying true to my Italian roots, I have to admit that I can’t resist a frothy cappuccino in the afternoon.

Did you find it difficult to stay healthy during lockdown?

Like everyone, I had to adapt to life in lockdown. After the initial adjustments I actually found it much easier to stay healthy and fit. My tip is to block time in your diary early in the day and just go for that run or that class. Make sure you exercise to great tunes — at Bombinate we are huge fans of playlists and even curate our own. My favourite has to be CASA Vol. 7 | Redchurch Street, in honour of the location of our office.

How does a person’s living space impact their wellbeing?

I am a huge advocate for thoughtfully curated spaces. Being surrounded by furniture and homeware you value, from family heirlooms to craftsmanship finds, is key to enjoying your living areas. Bombinate stemmed from a desire to rediscover the true value of quality materials, meaningful crafts, ethical processes and conscious consumption. My purpose is to live as I lead, and lead as I live — even at home.

What advice would you give to someone looking to re-design their living space to improve their wellbeing?

I once read “Any damn fool can make something complex, it takes a genius to make something simple”. For me a balanced living space is all about simplicity. Get rid of all the unwanted, unneeded objects that clutter your space and really focus on surrounding yourself with fewer things that truly matter.

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