Stretches you can do at your desk


Stretching. You know it’s important but, chances are, you don’t make time for it. Don’t worry – we’re all guilty of not taking time to give our muscles the TLC they deserve.

That’s why we’ve put together this short, sweet guide to stretches that you can do at your desk. You can even stop the slump en masse by turning it into a group event. Set a timer and get the entire team involved.

Maximus gluteus stretching

Maximus gluteus 1

Maximus gluteus 2

Spending a lot of time sat on your posterior? This glute-focused stretch rids your big, back leg muscles of tension and mobilises your hips. Doing this regularly, a few times a day for 10-15 seconds can help prevent lower back pain.

Seated clasping neck stretch

No one joining you on the stretching train? No bother. This gentle stretch can be done without raising any eyebrows. It’s an ideal move to relieve stiffness in your upper back and improve your posture when sat down.

Arm Cross Stretch

arm cross stretch 1

arm cross stretch 2

Remember this bad boy move from your school P.E. sessions? It’s a mainstay for a reason. This stretch release tension in your upper back, improves posture and function into muscles. It’s also a good’un for giving you a better range of movement too.

Torso Stretch

torso stretch 1

torso stretch 2

And lastly, a stretch that is great to work your oblique muscle group – a.k.a your abs. This stretch is only good if you don’t suffer from a bad back, as crossing your legs can sometimes increase pain. If you do suffer from lower back pain or find this stretch hurts, you can do it standing.

Standing thigh stretch

Standing thigh stretch

You’ll recognise this stretch from the gym or from runners on the street. But you don’t need to be clad in Lycra to do it – simply stand up at your desk and use your chair to balance. This move stretches your quadriceps, increases blood flow in your lower body, lengthens your muscles and can help prevent future knee pain.

Anterior shoulder stretch

anterior shoulder stretch 1

anterior shoulder stretch 2

Another stretch that is great to do standing above your desk. This helps to open the chest area, increase flexibility in shoulders and improve posture. If you’re susceptible to rounded shoulders from sitting at your desk a lot this really helps to keep you mindful of your posture. Oh, and if someone walks in whilst you’re doing this, you can always style it out and pretend you’re looking out to sea.

Cow face pose

cow face pose 1

cow face pose 2

This move is super for stretching the muscle between in the upper back and your triceps. It balances postural imbalance, improves blood flow circulation by moving the limbs overhead, and can help to reduce stress and tension. Do it regularly and you’ll start to see an increased range of motion. You might finally be able to clap your hands behind your back!

This is a great stretch but don’t fret if you aren’t able to make your hands reach behind your back. Grab something off your desk – like a water bottle, rolled up minutes from a meeting, or that ruler that you never, ever use –  to make the connection easier.

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