How to sneak in a massage over Christmas


Last-minute present shopping, preparing festive food and entertaining your entire family can mean December is one of the most hectic months of the year.

The good news? You can sneak in some much-needed ‘me time’ with a relaxing massage.

We’ve rounded up the sneaky ways you can treat yourself to an Urban Massage this holiday season because it’s without a doubt the greatest gift you can give yourself this Christmas.

When the kids have gone to bed

Having the children home during the school holidays is a fun-filled but often exhausting experience. If you’ve spent all day baking gingerbread men and meeting Santa at your local grotto then you definitely deserve to reward yourself. The best part about your Urban Massage therapists is that they work as late as 11.30pm so you can sneak in a massage when the children are tucked up in bed. Opt for a Swedish Massage, which is based on traditional, popular massage techniques and will wind you down after a long day. Using long strokes and strong pressure tailored to your needs, your therapist will help you unwind and de-stress, while boosting your immune system. And relax!

On your lunch break

Working right up until Christmas Eve isn’t exactly the most festive way to spend your time so why not treat yourself to a massage at your desk? That’s right; your Urban Massage therapists can come straight to your office and work their magic on your limbs during your lunch break. A chair massage is ideal for office workers and uses a variety of massage techniques to awaken your senses and boost your energy levels. Whether you need to excel at a meeting or go from desk to dance floor, this massage will leave you feeling motivated for the task ahead.

Make it a girls’ night

If you’ve got to meet the girls but can’t think of anything worse than shouting over each other in a packed bar this December, then why not host a girls’ pamper night at home? Kick back and relax with some festive treats, watch your favourite Christmas movie and let your Urban Massage therapist treat you all to a relaxing massage. Our Relaxing Massage is the perfect way to de-stress, unwind and chill out. Using light, flowing strokes and high-quality oil, your massage therapist will carefully release your muscles and calm your nervous system. It’s a gentle, nurturing massage for when you and your pals need a little rest and relaxation during the hectic Christmas period.

Before your Christmas drinks

If you have an hour to spare between finishing work and heading off to a party, squeezing in an Energising massage will work wonders. Want to de-bloat and feel more comfortable in your party outfit? This treatment is perfect for anyone looking for a smooth way to get energised. Your therapist will use a variety of massage techniques alongside hand-picked essential oils to awaken your senses and boost your energy levels, leaving you raring to go.

To ease your hangover

Is there any greater way to nurse a hangover than with a massage? We didn’t think so! If you’re feeling fragile after festive drinks and need a pick-me-up, try a Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This hands-on treatment uses gentle, repetitive strokes to soothe and support the lymphatic system, which plays an instrumental role in protecting you from infection and disease. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Detox massage’, this type of massage will support your body’s internal filtration mechanisms and help keep your immune system in check.


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