Rocco – Gym lover and massage therapist



The Urban Community is filled with colourful characters, and Rocco is definitely one of them.

Born and raised in Italy, he’s got a strong passion for learning, London and pizza (double mozzarella, waiter!). Rocco has partnered with Urban for 2 years, balancing it with his studies for a Masters in Osteopathy and his job as a personal trainer – that’s right, he’s a busy guy!

We were lucky to sit down with him in one of his spare moments to have a chat about his life in the capital, being a trainer and a therapist and what makes him tick.

“I look after my body maniacally”


‘My Masters in Osteopathy degree demands loads of hours of private studying as well as practising techniques, on top of my work with Urban Massage. So, when I have a busy week, I have a specific routine. In the morning. I’ll do a workout (usually callisthenics or body weight training outdoors), have a light breakfast whilst I listen to acoustic music and get into the zone and ready for my day. I’m pretty strict with my diet but, believe me, my cheat day is untouchable. It’s my way of saying to myself “well done, but now another week of sacrifices.” Food is my passion, and I must have my weekly pizza – after all, balance is key.’


The power of touch

‘Wellness and wellbeing is is my passion, but I wanted to pursue something more academic. Having the opportunity to make such a positive impact on people’s lives by simply helping them out with musculoskeletal issues amazes me, so pursuing a degree in Osteopathy made total sense.”

Enjoy the little discoveries


‘Being a mobile massage therapist means I have the opportunity to explore the city more than ever before. It lets me discover new streets and areas of the city I’d have never otherwise found (and I’ve uncovered some great coffee shops!). Without Urban, it’d be much harder to balance my lifestyle and my career in a competitive city like London.’


Do what you love


‘Being a massage therapist is a privilege. Why? Because you can help someone so much with just your hands and your energy. And, when you’re giving a treatment in someone’s house you know they’re as relaxed as they can be – because there’s no place like home!  That makes a big difference.’

‘I love being part of the Urban community – it’s made such a positive impact on my life, and I’ve recommended it to so many others so they can have that same opportunity to be happy. It’s amazing how much mine as changed thanks to Urban.’

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